Liz Earle | Sharing the Secret

Like most, I suffered with annoying bad skin throughout my teens and most of my twenties. I know I’m not alone in this one, so I wanted to share my little Liz Earle beauty secret.

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Liz Earle | Sharing The Secret 

After years of doctors prescriptions for medicines for my acne prone skin. All of which would cause irritable and painful side affects, or lotions that were slowly burning away layers of my skin, I finally reached breaking point when I was 25. I was literally crying at the dinner table and my Dad pipes up, you should try Liz Earle.

Liz who?

Dad explained that he had seen the products demonstrated on the QVC channel and he’d actually thought of me every time he’d seen the program. FYI Dad is obsessed with the QVC channel. A few years back he fell in love with it and since then no other shopping channel or department store will ever get a look in. So naturally we all thought he was on another sales pitch and ignored his suggestion.

The Cleanse & Polish Miracle Worker

Then along came my 26th birthday and what did Dad present me with? A gorgeous package, full of Liz Earle’s products, in particular the Cleanse & Polish with delicate muslin cloths. I was excited to use it and sure enough I wasn’t disappointed.

This product is a miracle worker. Within days my skin was not only feeling, but looking cleaner, fresher and healthier. (Ok I know I sound like an advert- but it’s true!) All those products before had never come close to the immediate and refreshing effects that this had on my skin. Yippee was an understatement. I haven’t touched another beauty product since that day and my skin continues to feel great everyday.

Every Bride-to-be Should Try It 

Liz Earle became an even more important part of my life when I was preparing to be a bride.

Every bride to be has a vision for their big day and aside from the perfect wedding dress, the second most important factor to them is looking the part and I wasn’t any different.

My skin care was probably the only aspect that I really wanted to be wedding ready. I went to town with Liz Earle products. From hair care, body lotions, exfoliating brushes and firming gels. Their products are affordable and worth every penny. I was a confident bride and I know that I have Liz Earle to thank for it. And Dad of course.

As I approach the big 3 uh oh (less than a month to go people!), I honestly don’t have any concerns about skin ageing. Nature will take it’s course regardless, but in the meantime I know that I am doing the best for my skin and body and I can only advise others to try the products and see for themselves. Indulge in the best kept skin secret…Liz Earle and start sharing the secret too.

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