Secret Cinema | The Time Of My Life

Secret Cinema: The Time of My Life Dirty Dancing on the cinema screen

Want to be part of a revolutionary way to view films? Then Secret Cinema is definitely the way forward. 

Secret Cinema | The Time Of My Life

When I was asked if I’d like to attend an outdoor cinema screening of Dirty Dancing, I literally jumped at the opportunity. What I didn’t realize at the time was that our little outing was to be one of the most amazing experiences an old film student, theme and event loving, drama queen could ever dream of attending. The opportunity to live every moment of our favourite movie!

The Future of Cinema… I should have come up with this idea

Everything about the Secret Cinema experience is absolutely brilliant. Their concept aims to bring cinema alive. To revolutionize the mundane movie theatre and to challenge audiences expectations and imagination. With the use of interactive multimedia techniques, an array of dramatic improvisations and visually engaging set design. Secret Cinema creates a unique cinema spectacle that will pull at all the senses.

Kellerman’s Mountain House Resort- Summer of 1963

Secret Cinema, Time OF My Life collage of photos from the eventOn a balmy sunny day in East London, dressed in notorious Baby style outfits. With a suitcase, beach ball and picnic blanket in tow, we were transported back to the summer of  1963. To Kellerman’s Resort, where Baby and her family so famously spent their vacation.

We were greeted by preppy Kellerman’s staff who enthusiastically performed welcome meetings introducing the activities and entertainment.

‘Oh, Come On, Ladies. God Wouldn’t Have Given You Maracas If He Didn’t Want You To Shake ’Em’ – Penny

Living And Breathing Your Favourite Movie 

We were treated to an abundance of things to do before the big movie screening. From life drawing classes, dancing lessons (and yes we shook our maracas!), hula-hooping, volleyball, archery, rides in vintage cars. You could even have your makeup and hair styled to complete the 60’s look!

Surrounding the huge movie screen were mock sets from key moments in the film. Kellerman’s main clubhouse, staff cabins, a ballroom, Penny’s dance lesson gazebo, Johnny’s ‘great room’. Even the bridge where baby practices her moves and of course the Staff Quarters…

Real Life Dirty Dancing

If you were discrete, a cool Kellerman’s employee would secretly let you into the ‘Staff Quarters’. This was so exiting. Where the heat and sweat would hit you as soon as you entered before the sounds and sights of the coolest, the sexiest dancing scene came alive right before your very eyes!

The Ultimate Cinema Experience

As the sun was setting, all 4,000 audience members were completely enthralled. The atmosphere was electric as Be My Baby signalled for the start of the film. The cinema experience had truly begun.

Alongside the film, all of the infamous scenes were brought to life by amazing performers, including; Johnny & Penny’s Mambo, Love Man, Love Is Strange (Oh lover boy!) Even the hilarious Kellerman’s anthem and of course the notorious The Time Of My Life…!

Secret Cinema: The Time Of My Life

The evening then came to a close with a huge scale beach ball party. As the audience members danced away to the movie soundtrack… a brilliant ending to an amazing day!

This is a cinema experience like no other. Be prepared to live, breath and become part of the movies!


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