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There are some currents in the relationship between sisters that run so dark and so deep,
it’s better for the people swimming on the surface never to know what’s beneath…

When Katie receives the tragic news that her younger sister Mia has been found dead in Bali- suspected suicide, she is determined to understand what led her to such a tragic end. Katie’s only lead is Mai’s travel diary. So she begins to retrace her sisters final steps. But will the answers bring her closer to understanding her sister or send them drifting further apart?

Beyond Tired Book Club Rating: 4/5

Some members of our group thought that the narrative and the characters were perhaps, a little too predictable. The narrative at one point, has the opportunity to steer itself in a challenging direction, which it fails to do, instead it safely continues with its comfortable form. 

Easy, Enjoyable & Intriguing

The central characters, Katie and Mia were classic sister stereotypes. They were very similar to previous reads, such as  Sister- Rosamund Lupton, which made it easy to predict their next moves. But overall we enjoyed the book.

The Sea Sisters will leave you questioning your own sibling loyalties and the depths you would go to in protecting your precious bond. It was an easy and enjoyable read, intriguing enough to keep you wanting to discover the truth. 

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The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke | Book Club Discussion Questions

  1. The idea that Katie and Mia are seen as opposites is explored throughout the novel. Do you think this is common in sisters? In every sister relationship, is there always a stereotype- the stable one verses the
    rebellious one?
  2. On page 24, Mia writes: ‘People go travelling for two reasons: because they are searching for something, or because they are running from something. For me, it’s both.’ What does she mean by this? Do you agree with the statement?
  3. Discuss the role of the journal in the novel. Does the act of writing in it and reading it act as a therapeutic process? How does this differ for each sister, Mia in her writing and Katie in reading her diary?
  4. Would you have made the same decision as Katie and follow in Mia’s footsteps?
  5. What do you think Katie discovers about herself in the process of following the travel journal?
  6. What are your thoughts on the relationship between Mia and Finn? How important is he in the story?
  7. Why is Mia so drawn to Noah? What do they offer one another?
  8. What does the novel tell us about family relationships?
  9. Discuss Mia’s statement to Finn on page 216: ‘I don’t want her to know we’re half-sisters… It dilutes us.’ How does Katie feel when she finds out?
  10. What does the sea represent to the sisters?
  11. Until the truth about Mia’s death is revealed, what were
    your thoughts?
  12. How did you feel after reading the novel? Would you
    recommend it?

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