Up & Over the O2

So along with with a Kermit the Frog onesie, my brother and sister had another unusual and perhaps a little daring gift up their sleeves. Triffic.

Suited, Booted, Clipped & Ready for the Expedition 

They had arranged for us to climb the icon that is the O2 in Greenwich, a 90 minute expedition across the roof of one of the world’s largest entertainment venues. The O2 (previously known as the Millennium Dome) and I have history- Hung Over Hell History. So I looked upon this new adventure as closure. Conquering our past issues and becoming firm friends. Sad I know, but I was ready for the challenge! 

A few seconds after this photo was taken…I almost had a heart attack! 
My Hubster cracks me up! 

After a quick briefing and a short video later, it soon became apparent that this was a little more than a mosey on over a giant tent. It was only a bloody Halloween themed expedition. Brilliant.

Brilliant…I love scary experiences…NOT! 

I had be conned. My cheeky siblings had talked me into Fright Night at Thorpe Park last year, (an experience I still haven’t recovered from) and I swore I would never attend an event that makes me hide behind a rubbish bin again. But here I was…and I was attached to harness this time. There was definitely no escape…well not one that wouldn’t have ended up on the ten o clock news that’s for sure. 

We conquered…!

I wont spoil what happens, just in case any of you crazy cats out there are planning a trip to do this expedition over the Halloween season. Let’s just say that whilst you are enjoying the spectacular 360 degree views of London from the center point of the O2…watch your back…you never know what might be lurking around and it’s a long way down! But we conquered and we survived and we had a brilliant time. I wont lie, I slightly peed ones pants a little, we also laughed a lot and enjoyed every minute. Attempt it…if you are brave (or daft) enough! 

Until next time,

With Love & New Heights,

Katie x

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