Wedding Belle: Framing Mad

Dad hates weddings with a passion. Apparently this stems from a long history of dull, boring and inconvenient weddings, one in particular, where he and Mum almost broke up when her best friend booked their wedding on Cup Final day and he refused to attend until after the football match was over. Who plans a wedding on a Cup Final day?! He still shakes his head in disbelief that someone wouldn’t check any sporting fixtures before arranging their big day. So when it came to planning our wedding there were some rules…

1. Check the sporting fixtures before booking anything. Fine.

2. The venue must have a bar that is open at all times. None of those fancy pants places were you can only have champagne or orange juice until the bar opens. Big no no.

3. Don’t let your guests go hungry. You don’t want your guests scavenging for Nobbys nuts or McCoys as they patiently wait for you to stop posing for endless photographs. Fair enough.

4. Ensure that your guests wont be bored. According to Dad, weddings are ‘boring’. No one enjoys a wedding when they can’t have a pint because the bar is closed until the bride and groom give the go ahead, or they are mindlessly picking peanuts out of their teeth, whilst checking phones or searching for radios, just to hear the latest score on the big game they can’t watch. Ok Dad, point taken.

Our wedding had to be different. Dad had to enjoy being at this wedding. No pressure.

So I made a list of all the fun additions to weddings that I had seen over the years that would make our wedding fun and different:

  • Stilt walkers- Maybe not…the circus and I have past issues as mentioned before!
  • A magician- I had a brilliant one for my Hen party, so didn’t want to repeat or compete!
  • Giant Games- I don’t enjoy board games, I’m not competitive and it always ends in tears…
  • A Bouncy Castle- Embarrassing Flashback: A clients wedding. It had poured down with rain all morning. When the sun eventually came out I clambered onto the castle with towels to attempt to mop up the small flood that had drenched the inflatable- at which point a gust of wind blew my skirt up giving the whole wedding party, who were enjoying their second course, a clear view of my not so yummy behind. I was wearing knickers of course…Bridget Jones eat your heart out. 
  •  A Photo Booth- Now there’s an idea…

Most of the photo booths I had seen before were either way to pricey for a ‘normal’ persons wedding budget or they were cheap and shabby and not all that good in photo quality. I needed to find a company that was affordable and that offered an excellent overall product. Which is when I found Shutter Booth UK

The company is run by professional photographers, using the best digital equipment and quality props that are fab and fun! But it was the guys from Shutter Booth who worked at our wedding, that impressed me the most. They were brilliant with our guests. They built up a friendly rapport with everyone, managing them (even the drunken skunks) with ease and respect. They were also good at retrieving the props after each use, even when our tipsy guests pleaded to let them ‘borrow’ the inflatable monkey for just one dance! I had been to a few events where guests had taken all the good props onto the dance floor, leaving you with only a dodgy sailors hat and star shaped glasses to wear. Groovy. So good work guys!

One good tip when booking a photo booth is allowing your guests to take home a copy of their photograph. Guests love a keepsake, so it is well worth the extra money to ensure that your guests get to take home a piece of memorabilia from your day too! 



After the wedding we had over 100 brilliant and hilarious photos of our guests which were a reminder of the fun that was had at our wedding. But what should I do with them now? How on earth was I going to frame all these photos?

So off to Ikea I went (Ikea always has the answer, its like my sanctuary). I brought a huge frame and then spent hours (I mean hours!), arranging the photos; cutting them out, sticking, un-sticking, even throwing them at one point and nothing was working. They didn’t look right and it was driving me crazy. This was such a key part of our wedding- why couldn’t I figure out how to display these photos? I couldn’t be the only bride out there who hadn’t figured this out surely? Or could I? So I went to Google…Hurrah for Google!

I stumbled upon a very clever site Picture Lizard who offer a brilliant, easy to use service that allows you order practically anything related to displaying photographs. It was so simple to do. Within minutes I had created a personalised mount, that had the correct size apertures, (the hole where the photo goes!), to fit perfectly within the frame I had already brought. With the mount and the frame, I created the whole display for under £50.00. To say I felt smug, would be an understatement…

They really are ‘expert’s in finishing your photos’

Now we have a unique momentum of our gorgeous guests from our wedding day. Just to point out that Dad didn’t enter the photo booth. But he did say it was the best wedding he had ever been to! 

So for all you lovely brides out there who have been wondering what on earth to do with those hilarious photo booth pics that made your day so special, this ones for you!

Happy Days,

Katie x

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