Birchbox Review: I’ll always be a Birch at heart…

Before I was Katie Albury, I was Katie Birch. I never really gave it much thought until I got married, but I really do love my maiden name. All my friends still call me Birch which is lovely and something I wouldn’t want to change. 

It’s a weird thing, your name…how it is such a huge part of who you are and where you come from and it’s only when it changes that you start to think about your new identity. I was so excited to become an Albury and was very quick to change my name over in every aspect of our lives, however I think it’s only just dawning on me that I am no longer a Birch. I feel a little bit in limbo…aside from becoming a wife, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything else yet as this new Katie Albury. Everything before that point was gained as Katie Birch. Perhaps I’m just looking into it too much, but I know I will always be a Birch at heart. 

Love this…

So when I heard about a company called BIRCHBOX my first thought was- why didn’t I come up with this idea, (Similar to how I felt about my Dirty Dancing Experience!) and secondly, wow…I love it already as it’s named after me! So when the exciting little package arrived I was very eager to see what the Birchbox experience was all about..

Birchbox offer a unique product where a range of beauty sample products are sent directly to your door for you to try and test. They aim to “cut through the clutter of the retail world” to help you find products that really suit you. 

The packaging itself is lovely. I loved the pink delivery box and the Birchbox itself is very cool and something that will take pride of place on my desk. Inside the box the products are sealed within a cute little drawstring bag with a card detailing this month’s theme  and each individual product. 

Perhaps having a cold wasn’t the best time to be testing out a selection of beauty goodies, but hey ho, I gave it a go! The products included in November’s Birchbox were:

Laura Mercier- Body Butter Ambre Vanilla, (which is gorgeous and smells amazing even with this wretched bunged up nose) Weleda Replenishing Oat Shampoo, Chella Highlighter Pencil (this looks fab and I will be trying it out as soon as the blotchy eyes phase passes), English Laundry Eau de Parfum (which I can’t smell, but reckon it’s nice!) Spa Find Bust Firming Serum (amazing- I love a good bust serum!), along with some Pukka Herbs tea bags and a Birchbox pencil sharpener. Overall a lovely selection of beauty treats. 

Gorgeous selection of beauty treats! 

I would definitely recommend this to a few of my friends who love to try new beauty products, whereas if you are one of those people who are perhaps set in your beauty regime ways, then this isn’t the subscription for you. But you never know, you might just find that new amazing product that you love! 

Rolling subscriptions start from £10.00 a month (plus £2.95 P&P), which can be cancelled at any time and they offer discounts, rewards and bonus boxes on a six month or annual subscription. So it really depends on how much you love trying and testing new beauty products and of course, if you have the cash to spare each month. 

Birchbox are currently offering a free limited addition box with their gift subscriptions. Perfect if you are looking for something unique for that beauty lover in your life! 

What are your thoughts on Birchbox? Do you like the product concept? 

Anyone else had the same crazy thoughts as me when changing their name? 

Until next time,

With Love & Snot (sorry gross I know!)

Katie x

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary Birchbox to review for the purpose of this feature. Thank you Birchbox x 

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Much Love x


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