Highlight of the week: A new tradition

Having spent a wonderful Sunday lunch with the Hubster’s side of the family, I was introduced to a lovely little tradition that has really made me reflect on how important it is to take a moment, each week, to share with each other a little insight to something that made you happy. 

Life can get very hectic and we can sometimes miss out on the positive aspects of our week, usually leaving the negatives to take the limelight. Up until this little family bonding session I had thought that my week had been pretty pants. But listening to everyone’s stories from their week made me realise how easily we tend  to dwell on our own mishaps and grumps, instead of taking an interest in some of the great things our family might have achieved. 

Your Highlight of the Week doesn’t have to be a huge achievement. We’re not expected to run marathons and win awards every week, but just one part of your week that made you happy, smile, laugh, proud or just feel good. Our family’s highlight confessions were an array of anecdotes from a week that might not have seemed very important, but hearing each person talk, made you realise how important that moment was to them…

  • My Sister-in-law had taken her two little babies to see Father Christmas which had been her highlight. The babies are now of that age where Christmas was starting to mean something and it made her really happy and excited to be able to experience these festive memorable moments with them. 
  • Marilyn had been to a Parisian cabaret experience which was held in a gorgeous little theatre tucked away in London which was very inspiring and “simply fabulous darling!” (I do love this lady) 
  • Cousin Millie was very proud of herself for getting to Amsterdam and spending a day (and surviving) all by herself before meeting up with family! 
  • Auntie Ruth apparently hadn’t been feeling well for a few weeks (something of which most of us didn’t know) and she said she was starting to feel herself again which was definitely the highlight of her week!
  • Cousin Alex was well chuffed that his office was getting a super duper make over which meant he would be getting a new desk chair (it’s the small things that make a big difference!) 
  • The Hubster had won a golf competition…well done hubby! x

So it went on…but by the end of the conversation we had all learnt a little bit more about each family member than we perhaps wouldn’t have known before. Giving us a little insight to the life of others, to appreciate the positives in our own lives. 

Of course I want to share with you my highlight of the week, other than getting my car cleaned (which was definitely a highlight as it was disgustingly filthy!) I was lucky enough to see Rent the musical which was absolutely brilliant. Not only did we have the fab seats (three rows from the front, centre seats!) it was honestly the best musical I have seen in a long time. My friend Aimee and I loved every single minute. If you can make it to any of their tour dates between now and the end of November I highly recommend it- the cast are simply phenomenal! 

As well as Highlight of the Week becoming a new regular feature, it is definitely a tradition that I cannot wait to continue with my own little family one day!

What’s your Highlight of the week, please share in the comments below!

Until next time,

With Love & Positive Stuff,

Katie x

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Much Love x

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