Pure Genius…

After a busy, stressful day I came home from work in the cold and the dark. My mood was soon enlightened by the arrival of a fabulous gift basket from one of my favourite gluten free food suppliers- Genius.

This is my kind of parcel! 

As you know I have Coeliac Disease which I bored you all with in my feature Gluten Free GirlI discovered Genius Gluten Free Foods a few years back when attending a food allergy exhibition in London, and since then their products have been a staple part in my gluten free diet. Genius Gluten Free offer a huge range of gluten-free and wheat-free foods and they are brilliant. 

When I first tried their bread I literally thought all my Christmases had come at once! Up until that point, believe it or not, I had at times been reduced to eating a sandwich with a knife and fork. If you manage to keep a slice of gluten free bread in tact when spreading the butter, you know you are onto a good thing. Their bread not only allowed the butter to spread, but once the sandwich was created it didn’t fall into a zillion pieces of crumbling mush the moment it was lifted from the plate. Pure Genius. Its the small things that count for us Coeliacs! So I was over the moon when I was sent a range of their newest products to try out…pass me a plate! Yum! 

Wow! It’s like Christmas…

The Lemon & Raisin Pancakes were so yummy! I used to love scotch pancakes and probably haven’t had one for about 8 years so I thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

Best Breakfast & Blogging Fuel

I’ve never felt restricted being a Coeliac. Instead I tend to try a range of different foods that perhaps I wouldn’t have before my diagnosis. The Spiced Fruit Loaf, which has taken the company two years to perfect, demonstrates the lengths Genius go to in order to produce some of the best gluten free products on the market. I had never eaten a fruit loaf before, but this was amazing! Toasted with butter and a cup of tea, it made the perfect afternoon snack. It was so good even the Hubster got in on the action!

Perfect afternoon snack!

Along with a scrummy loaf of bread, they also sent me some crumpets. I’ve tried gluten free crumpets before and they have been a little disappointing. They are usually about 4 inches thick and take about five attempts in the toaster to get them warmed up throughout. But Genius Gluten Free Foods have made another breakthrough – they not only look like normal crumpets, but taste and cook like normal crumpets! Happy days!

They were so good, I ate them before I even thought about taking a photo of them…!

Thank you so much to Genius Gluten Free Foods for their generous gift. You have made one gluten free girl very happy indeed. My tummy and I appreciate your love and hard work for creating such tasty and brilliant gluten free foods!

Until next time,

With Love & a Healthy Tummy,

Katie x


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