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They’ll come for you…

Sadie Asquith has always been fascinated by the dark part of the Essex Witch Hunts. But as she researches the troubled era that saw over 500 women tried with witchcraft, Sadie begins to experience strange, ghostly visions. She hears a terrifying sobbing at night and black moths appear from nowhere. It’s as if she has opened an unearthly connection to the women killed centuries before.

Beyond Tired Book Club Rating: 4/5 

If you were ever curious about whether a book could actually scare you then Witch Hunt is a good tester for your spookometer. For me, along with a few others in the group, it scared the flying pants off us. To the point where I actually couldn’t read this book at night and definitely not alone. Now I know I am a wimp (which you can read all about here) but this book really did give me the chills.

Unfortunately we found that there wasn’t an awful lot to discuss about the book. It did however raise a very diverse and in depth conversation surrounding our beliefs and theories about the supernatural world. This then lead to a debate on physics,  mediums, tarot readings and personal ghostly experiences which was all very fascinating stuff!

If you are a lover of spooky reads or intrigued about the horrific history of witch hunts then this is definitely the book for you. But be warned, if you need a wee in the night, don’t look in the mirror, or behind the door and ignore the scratching from the loft above. It’s probably nothing. Parp!

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Witch Hunt by Syd Moore | Book Club Discussion Questions 

  1. To what extent of the novel can you apply the term ‘witch hunt’?
  2. Moths proliferate the story. What do they signify?
  3. What is happening in the hospital scene with Dan?
  4. Does Sadie’s character change as the novel progresses? How and why?
  5. The story of the witches could be seen to be very much a female story. To what extent does it resonate with male readers? 
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      It is a good one! Let me know your thoughts if you do read it!
      Thank you so much for your comment x

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