A Gluten Free Christmas

Sunday afternoon I was home alone, wrapping presents and contemplating the huge ironing pile that was bugging me in the airing cupboard, when Mum calls and says that they were making the sausage rolls and that everyone was there- do you want to come over? Well I couldn’t get my shoes on quick enough. You see the Birch family tradition of making sausage rolls has been around for as long as I can remember and it was one started by my Grandpa when my Dad was just a boy. Now I know what you’re thinking, sausage rolls, at Christmas? But it’s worked for us and everyone else we know who puts their orders in for Dad’s famous sausage rolls every year. They’re a hit… and this year was no different. As soon as I got home, I could hear the Christmas music and smell the yummy treats cooking in the oven…now it felt like Christmas.

When I first discovered I was Gluten Free, probably the first thing that came to mind was that I wouldn’t be able to have our Christmas sausage rolls anymore…sad times. But Mum and Dad, being the fab parent’s they are, made it their mission to perfect the Gluten Free Sausage Roll for me…they are too cute. 

When they first gave it a go the only pastry they could find was shortcrust, so the sausage rolls turned out to be bricks of biscuit that struggled to hold it together to contain the gloppy lump of sausage meat in the middle. I don’t remember them tasting very good, but I sure did appreciate the time, effort and love that went into making me feel not-so-left-out of our family tradition. Something I will always be grateful for, especially now because as the years went on, the gluten free products improved and so did my sausage rolls. 

The production line…

There wasn’t a surface in the kitchen without a tray of sausage rolls on! 

Cooking up a storm! 
Gluten Free Sausage Mix made using Genius Gluten Free Breadcrumbs 

Gluten Free Pastry and Flour…

Pa did good…almost ready for the oven! 

Yummy…they get better every year!
OK so they aren’t perfect looking…but when you’re a Coeliac, you appreciate anything that tastes good! 

Now I would love to give away my Dad’s secret recipe, but I think we’d like to give Greg’s Bakery a run for their money one day, as soon as Dragon’s Den invests in our little venture…but until then, here are a few top tips for a Gluten Free Christmas, provided by the genius (and founder), that is Lucinda, over at Genius Gluten Free Foods….

Top Tips for a Gluten Free Christmas

1. Making gluten free breadcrumbs from Genius White
Sandwich bread means you can make many favourite Christmas recipes:

  • Use freshly crumbed Genius bread to
    make bread sauce
  • Mix minced pork, onion, herbs and
    other flavouring ingredients, with freshly crumbed white Genius bread to
     make your family‚Äôs favourite Christmas stuffing
  • For gluten free Christmas pudding,
    use freshly crumbed white or brown Genius bread.

2. Homemade gluten free sausage meat is also fantastic for
making handmade chipolata sausages and pigs in blankets. 

3. Make gluten free bite sized croutes as a base for
canapes and finger food for your Christmas drinks parties with White Genius
sandwich loaf.

4. Make larger sized gluten free toasted croutes and top
with grated Gruyere cheese mixed with Dijon mustard  and black pepper for
adding crunch and extra flavour to your favourite soups.

5. Make gluten free croutons with white Genius Sandwich
or Bloomer bread for warming winter soups and 

tasty salads.

6. Use Genius Fruit loaf to make a seasonal, spiced bread
and butter pudding or  toasted with honey and banana for a tasty breakfast. 

7. For a light Christmas supper, top a Genius toasted and
buttered crumpet or two with a  thick slice of baked ham, poached eggs and

8. Make hearty turkey, cranberry, stuffing and bread-sauce sandwiches with Genius white, brown and white sandwich bread or Genius seeded

9. Substitute wheat flour with rice flour or cornflour to
make  thicken your gravy and milk based  sauces for turkey or fish
pie fillings

10. Follow with our breaded camber with
cranberry sauce on our Genius Gluten Free  website as a delicious warming starter.

Until next time, 

With Love & Gluten Free Festive Foods, 

Katie x 


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      Thank you…hope it helps and that you had a great Christmas! x

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