Guide to Christmas…the Perfect Knitwear

Who doesn’t love a warm and cosy Christmas jumper? A few years back, the sight of a reindeer or snowflake on a jumper would have made most people cringe at the thought of wearing a hideous itchy festive sweater. But low and behold the Christmas jumper is now considered acceptable (and dare I say it- cool) for all ages and genders. See, Bridget Jones and Mr Darcy had it right all along… You can view the brilliant clip from the film here.

So I’ve put together a selection of  my favourite sunnglefest’s to keep you warm and stylish this winter…I’ll see you at the buffet table!

The Perfect Knitwear

1. River Island £35.00
2. Next £32.00
3. H&M £20.00 
4. H&M £15.00 
5. Asda £15.00 
6. Next £28.00 
7. New Look £25.00 
8. New Look £28.00 
9. New Look £20.00 

Until next time,

With Love & Wolly Knits,

Katie x

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