Guide to Christmas…the Perfect Place Setting

Hopefully by now most of us have completed our Christmas present shopping and are now thinking about the all important Christmas Dinner Table. I’ve been scouring Pinterest (a new obsession) and have found ten of my favourite ideas for your table place settings this Christmas, most of which are pretty simple to create or can be adapted to your style and resources at hand. Happy table laying! 

Christmas Dinner Table- Place Settings 

Fold a linen napkin into a square then carefully place a festive ornament or tree decoration to create this simple and elegant arrangement. 

Using plain matte (not shiny) baubles and a good marker (sharpies are fab), write the name of you guest through the centre of the bauble and position on a napkin. This also makes a cute personalised keepsake for your dinner guest. 

For this “organised mess” look, arrange decorative bowls filled with colour co-ordinated treats and arrange them around the place setting. Using ribbon tie a personalised label and bauble around the napkin and cutlery to create this hectic, but stylish creation. 

A place setting  like this might taken a little extra time and money to order personalised napkins, but I just love how sophisticated this looks! 

Another simple, but really effective look- a thin ribbon tied through baubles and then around the napkin…you can’t go wrong! 

I love this idea of layering the plates with the napkin, foliage and a personalised initial, which is again another great idea for giving your guests a reminder of their Christmas spent with you! 

This is so festive and really fun- perfect for families with children. Simply slot the cutlery into a small knitted stocking and place onto a folded napkin- a look that will definitely put a smile on your guests faces! 

Spray or paint a fur cone in your chosen colour and place along with some foliage onto a folded napkin. This can be personalised by tying a tag or a label with your guests names around the fur cone. 

Using a spare tree ornament place on each plate for a simple and yet stylish effect, complimented by the festive wording as shown above.

Using a wide ribbon to suit your theme and colour, tie around the plates, napkins and cutlery for a beautiful gift wrapped place setting. 

For those of you who are new to table laying this year or have always wondered where everything should be positioned- I found this handy little diagram that might help. But if your guests are left a little baffled by your posh table settings- then just remind them to “work your way inwards”, well it worked for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman didn’t it? 

What ideas do you have for your table place settings this year?

Until next time,

With Love & Happy Table Laying,

Katie x

Disclosure: All images were found via Pinterest- please contact via email if you wish your name to be credited to any of the above. 

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