Highlight of the Week…A little Christmas Gathering

Every year around Christmas, my cousins all get together for a little gathering and this year it was our turn to host. There was lots of yummy food and healthy snacks, (can’t be falling off the detox wagon in one night!), drinks and of course party games. You are never too old for party games. Pass the Parcel went down a storm, although there was definitely some cheating going on in the Paper Chain Race…not that I’m a sore loser! But it was nothing a spontaneous game of Charades couldn’t solve…note to self you are pants at most games and Miracle on 34th Street is impossible to mime. But the most hilarious point in the evening had to be my cousins boyfriend peeling an entire banana with his freakishly long toes..I will never look at a banana in the same way! Yuk! Overall it was a brilliant, fun evening filled with a lot of laughs and love and so (better late than never) it was my Highlight of the week…

Gluten Free Cup Cakes made by Rosie…they taste amazing! 

Spot the healthy snacks…they are in there somewhere! 

The Hubster with my little brother and sister 

Pass the Parcel Rules! 

Who doesn’t want a ‘knit your own stocking’!? 

Love a team bonding game…
Tied up in pairs you have two minutes to make the longest paper chain…! 

The Winners! 

Bah Humbug! 

What was your highlight of the week? Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Parties!

Until next time,

With Love & Festive Fun,

Katie x

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