The Detox…The Half Way Line…

I’m feeling fabulous. Not in the ‘I could skip a mile’ kind of way, but in a healthy, cleansed, ‘I feel confident that this detox is doing something’ kind of way.

Feeling Fabulous…but still need to get fit! 

By Day Five I was 7 lbs down and have lost 6 inches over various parts of the bod. Big Grin. I really do feel healthy. Other than the first two days (which were tough- read here) I have never felt tired or sluggish. If anything I’ve felt more positive and energised to take my mind off the fact that I couldn’t just sit down and have a cup of tea. 

I even managed to eat out on the Detox. By Day Three you are allowed a 600 calorie meal and I thought eating out with my family would be torture. But to my surprise, it was lovely. The pub we ate at offered a selection of meals for under 500 calories, which even allowed me to have a cup of soup that evening to use up the remainder of my daily calorie intake. Lovely. I had chicken and peppers on skewers with a side salad and surprisingly I was full. I think the stomach might be shrinking…it’s about time. 

Slug and Lettuce…you life saver! 

This is what a 416 calorie meal looks like…in case anyone is wondering. 

One valuable aspect that this detox has given me so far, other than a few lost pounds, is that it has given me some time to think about my relationship with food and exercise. At no point during this detox have I craved junk food or snacks. I just really wanted a cup of tea and a sandwich. So it can’t be my eating habits that are holding me back from losing weight. I haven’t made a new breakthrough on how to lose weight,  but its obvious to me know that it’s taken me seven days of a detox to figure out what a huge majority of people already know. Eat sensibly and exercise. I’m just a bit behind with the memo on this one. I’d like to think that once this detox is over, I will continue to watch what I eat, consider the portion sizes and most importantly exercise. I will be so disappointed with myself if I let all this hard work go to waste.  

Until next time, 

With Love & Diet Breakthroughs, 

Katie x 

P.S Thank you to everyone who has sent messages and comments of encouragement, your support and love really means a lot to moi! Lots of Love x


    • December 8, 2013 / 7:04 pm

      Thank you! I know it is a tough time of year to do a detox, but I really needed to get my head straight food and weight wise before all the goodies come out to tease me! x

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