The Detox….The Results!

I did it! I completed the Clean 9 Detox Program and I honestly feel really good and I have the results to prove it too…

The Results…

As much as I’d love to show you  bikini clad ‘before and after’ photographs, I’m not that kind of girl and quite frankly I didn’t lose enough to make me want to even look at a swimsuit! But what I did lose in weight and inches certainly makes me feel pretty amazing nonetheless. Drum roll please….total weight loss 9.5lbs and total inch loss 8.5! Yippee!!

The Detox Highlights & Top Tips

  • Once the first two days are over- you will not feel hungry! Not once during the detox was I ever dying for food. The program provides you with all the nutrients and calories that your body requires to get you through the day. I was never in a mad rush to eat my 600 calorie meal and some days I couldn’t even consume it all as was full. 
  • Aside from weight and inch loss (which will differ for each person), you generally feel so much better inside and out. My skin really cleared up, my teeth even looked whiter and I felt so much more energised and positive that from early on I realised the benefits of what I was doing. 
  • The detox really does leave you with a positive mind set. You have time to realise what you crave, want you want and generally how much you don’t actually need to consume. Already I have cut carbohydrates out of at least two meals a day and feel positive that if I can do this through December then I can surely achieve this throughout the rest of the year. 
  • Carry water with you! You need to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the detox and I used (and absolutely love) the  Aladdin Water Bottles which are BPA free too! 
  • Plan your meals. I’m not the best cook and so for ease I did end  up spending a small fortune on meals from M&S. But it was so easy to calculate what I could have for under 600 calories and it meant I could have a hot meal with a good side salad most evenings and not have the worry about over doing it.
  • Yes the Aloe Vera tastes like hospital floor cleaner- but you get used to it, trust me. That’s coming from someone who had the gag reflex of a fly. Nice. 
  • No you can’t have tea, snacks or alcohol throughout the detox. But it is only 9 days of your life and I would be very surprised if you were still craving these once you start to feel the positive results. 
Healthy yummy meals for under 600 calories…!

It’s amazing that you actually get used to the taste of floor cleaner…
when it makes you feel great! 

It’s been three days since I finished the detox and I can honestly admit that I still feel positive and proactive to maintain my results. This detox has really altered my mind set and given me the boost I so badly needed to take care of my body and motivate myself to become fit and healthy. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a good kick up the butt. Perhaps not this close to Christmas, but it something definitely worth considering for January. For more information on the Clean 9 program along with other nutritional and health benefits of using Aloe Vera products, please visit my contact using this link Forever Health & Nutrition. She is also offering Miss Enchanting readers a fantastic 15% discount on the Clean 9 if you order before the end of December to kick start in January!

Remember- this isn’t a quick fix diet– it’s a detox that is intended to cleanse your body and boost you into taking control of your health and fitness for the long term which only you can achieve. 

Until next time,

With Love & a New Healthy Me,

Katie x

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