Birchbox…January 2014 Review

It’s finally the weekend and what better way to spend a Saturday morning than by trying and testing a selection of new gorgeous beauty treats from Birchbox. The theme for January is ‘Tiny Tweaks’ encouraging you to not dwell on the pressure of New Year’s Resolutions, but to make tiny changes to make big difference to our lives this year…which sounds like a perfect plan to someone who is yet to scratch the surface with her New Year Goals! My favourite tip for January is “Be Happy- set a standing monthly dinner date with your best pals…friends are the the key to overall happiness!” Too true and this is one I can definitely manage. Now onto the fabulous new beauty treats…

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This pre-shampoo treatment is said to be a “celeb favourite” that strengthens and nourishes your hair leaving it thoroughly moisturised and prepared to prevent future breakages. The product is applied to damp hair and then left on for twenty minutes before shampooing and conditioning as normal. My initial thoughts were ones of dread, (as ranted in my previous hair washing review) washing my barnet is a chore and so anything that drags out this process had better be worth the effort in my book and luckily for Philip Kingsley, it was. My hair does feel like it’s had a good treatment and my locks feel softer and well conditioned….phew.

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 3/5

The product is retailing at £27.50 with Birchbox and as a hair treatment, I do feel that the product is value for money and effectiveness in compared to some cheaper high street brands. Some recommend using it twice a week to gain the full benefits, so its usage amount and frequency will depend on how cost effective the product will be to you. I was weary of putting the product through my roots in case it left me with greasy locks (which would mean having to wash it again sooner than I’d prefer to, that’s how much I hate washing my hair!) but next time I use this I think I’ll just go for it as the ends of my hair feel great!

Premae Aanatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil

Described as “cardio in a bottle”, this lightweight oil product moisturises and detoxifies your skin. The product is made completely free from treenuts, soy, wheat and oats as well as other scientific chemicals (that mean squat to me) so it’s not only perfect for allergy sufferers and skin sensitivities but it’s practically gluten free…brilliant! 

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 5/5 

Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely love this product. I’ve used it intermittently this week and I can still feel the difference it is making to my skin- it’s amazing! Retailed at £9.50 on Birchbox, it’s not far off your usual high street branded moisturiser- but it will definitely trump those products in the effectiveness department. Roll on payday next week as I will for sure be purchasing this little gem! 

Benefit The POREfessional

I’ve never used a primer before (and I’ve never tried any Benefit make up either!) so was really excited to give this a go and I wasn’t disappointed. Its soft smooth texture eases over your face creating an invisible cloak that shields your pores creating a perfect canvas for your foundation. I preferred to used it under my make up (the product can be used over it too) as I loved how it seemed to dry my problem areas and so my face didn’t seem to get as shiny so quickly as the evening/day went on.

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 3/5 

At £24.50 for a (tiny) tube you’ve got to love this product for it to be a regular in your make up splurges, but I know this is a similar pricing and size for other top brand primers on the market, so it might be worth the splurge to see if it works for you.

Beekind Body Lotion

A non greasy formula made with natural skin conditioners such as honey and organic chamomile is set to leave your skin feeling hydrated and mositurised. One really cute aspect about this company is that with each product sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated help support the honeybee population and pollination research, which is a lovely caring cause (that is unless you ever get stung by the buzzing blighters- then you don’t take too kindly to helping them repopulate!) 

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 2/5 

It’s a good moisturiser that is as kind to the skin as it is to the honeybees! Personally for moi its lemon verbena scent is a little too potent for my liking. 

Delarom Aquaconfort Mask

A smooth hydrating mask to nourish your skin and restore suppleness and vitality. Apply the product to dry skin and leave for 5-10 minutes. What’s different about this product from other face masks used is that you remove it with cotton wool as opposed to washing off. My skin was left feeling really smooth and cleansed. 

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 3/5:

A great face treatment that I would definitely consider purchasing. Most face masks require a longer development time, whereas this product could easily be applied in the morning twice a week and kept on whilst brushing your teeth and choosing your outfit for the day! 

Overall another great selection of beauty treats from Birchbox this month and if you are going to purchase any of the featured products then Miss Enchanting highly recommends the Premae Aanatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil…cardio in a bottle, lasting results and wheat free, you can’t go wrong. 

Do you have any tiny tweaks that you are trying to make this January?

Have you tried and tested any of this months products?

Until next time,

With Love & Tiny Tweaks,

Katie x

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