HOTW #3…Friends, Steaks & Stetsons

Today is one of my best friend’s 30th birthday.

We celebrated her milestone this week with dinner at Smith & Western, a restaurant that transports you back to the Wild West. It’s authentic ranch style setting is complimented by memorabilia from an era when Cowboys and Indians ruled the West. The fantastically themed food is so good, but be warned, the portions are huge so go easy on the complimentary monkey nuts and nachos if you want to have a three course Wild West blow out……Yeeeehaaa!

Who doesn’t love a themed restaurant…Yeehaa Cowboy! 

Smokehouse Strip Steak…Yummy! 

Birthday Love…

Gift Love…
A Print & Once Upon A Time Bookends/

Happy 39th Birthday Aimee! 

Aimee & I have been friends for 18 years.

That’s a long time in girly years.

She is the Queen of sarcasm, who lives to laugh. 

She is someone who values her friendships.

A social butterfly, that never fails to fly back to her nearest and dearests to remind us that she is the most loyal and reliable gem who has us firmly under her wings. 

She knows every embarrassing story about me, many of which she just loves to share, along with every fashion disaster, that I know she’ll never let me forget! She has the most random memory capacity for all the seemingly pointless little details, but one day when we’re in our nineties and are confounded to an armchair, she’ll remind us of these moments and keep us laughing and feeling young. 

She is my highlight of the week….30 isn’t the end my dear friend…it’s only the beginning. 

Happy 30th Birthday Aimee!

Until next time,

With Love & Birthday Wishes,

Katie x

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  1. Aimee
    January 20, 2018 / 9:56 am

    This is still my favourite highlight of the week 😘

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