There's never enough time…

Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

When the big 3- uh oh started to loom, I began to realise just how much a woman’s life can be governed by not just her age, but by time. Like most of the females around me, I felt an enormous pressure to achieve so many goals by the time I was a certain age. ‘Your clock is ticking’ apparently…well I think the clock sucks. Big time.

Who’s idea was it that you needed to have achieved your career goals by a certain age?

Who decided that you need find a partner by a particular time in your life?

Who said that you should be married by a specific time?

Who made the rule that you need to have a baby by a deadline?

Who made time the boss?

It’s a sad day when you realise that your biological clock along with your heart and head are ruled by this thing called time.

If only we had more time.

Not just time to achieve the big things, but also time to enjoy all the little things. Time hasn’t changed, but the way we utilise our time has changed immensely. We feel the need to cram in as much as possible in this technology crazed society. A society where apparently, it is now acceptable to have your phone at the dinner table, dipping in and out of cyberspace gibber and then back to real life conversations, only giving each one a fraction of your attention. Even last night I found myself alternating my attention from the iPad, to my phone, whilst glancing back and forth at the television and somewhere in the midst of my technology bubble, were snippets of conversation with the Hubster. 

The Hubster is working so hard at the moment. He’s working towards building us a better future and there are no words to describe how proud I am of him for his dedication and determination. A lot of hours are spent in silence studying while I quietly flutter around him trying to make this process as less stressful as possible for him. He’s doing this for us and his time is precious.

So this Valentine’s Day, the perfect gift for him would be the gift of time. Extra time if that were at all possible. Between working and studying he is left with little time for anything else, but seeing that I haven’t yet invented a time machine (who has the time for that) or a magic wand to freeze space and time, I would give him a watch. A watch to symbolise that although his time is consumed at the moment in preparation for the future, we shouldn’t forget about our present. Every second is precious, every minute is irreplaceable and every hour is one we should cherish.

If money wasn’t an option, the perfect timepiece for the Hubster would be the Hublot Classic Fusion Limited Edition Watch from The Watch Gallery at a cool £7,500, this stunning timeless piece would be a real treat. One that would provide a constant (and stylish) reminder that all his hard work will some day be worth it. A girl can dream…and so can her husband.

Functions…Swiss-made, automatic movement, 45mm polished and satin-finished titanium and ceramic case, sapphire glass treated with anti-reflective treatment.
Blue tinted sapphire crystal open caseback. Water resistant to 50 metres.

Features…For the first time Hublot have fused titanium and ceramic to create a Classic Fusion watch. This is the automatic model which comes fitted with a black alligator leather strap and is limited to just 15 pieces. The piece features our signature Watch Gallery blue on the seconds hand as well as a unique blue tinted sapphire crystal on the open caseback. This truly is a stunning design perfect for the smart gentleman who does not require any complications on his timepiece.

What would be the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? 

Until next time,

With Love & Timeless Moments,

Katie x

Disclosure: This post is part of The Watch Gallery Valentine’s Competition hosted by the fabulous etailPR Blogger’s Network. Images and watch blurb courtesy of The Watch Gallery. If you are a blogger and want to join in the fun check out the etailPR website for more information. 

Images 1//Rusted Alarm Clocks 2// Our Wedding Day Isha Hawkins Photography 3// The Watch Gallery

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