A Roast Chicken Adventure…

So far I’m doing quite well on my New Year Goals and with Valentine’s Day coming up, I decided to give this whole new experimental cooking lark a go and what better way to start than with a good old Delia Smith recipe. Simple. You would think. 

I decided to try out Delia’s Roast Chicken with Red Onion, Thyme and Garlic. I brought all the ingredients, placed everything out carefully, read the instructions over and over…everything was going really smoothly.

I was cool, calm and collected at this point…


  • Whole Chicken- this made me gag as you have to untie their legs! 
  • Large Red Onion
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Lemon
  • Olive Oil
  • Dry White Wine
  • Creme Fraiche 
  • Salt & Pepper
Big Bird looked amazing, all garnished and fancy…

Once I had prepared the chicken (yuk), I cut up the onion, garlic and lemons and positioned them around the chicken. I then smothered Big Bird in oil and thyme and he was then ready for the oven. Timer on, all I had to do was prepare the salad and fill our wine glasses. This was going very well. The house smelt amazing and I felt a little smug in my (personalised) apron, sipping wine and casually thinking that I’d got this cooking thing down to a tee. My smugness didn’t last for long as…ping, the timer went off and as I took Big Bird out of the oven, his garnishes looked like this….

Burnt lemon anyone? There’s plenty to go round…

Charred, burnt, crisp, yuk! Delia made out that my Roast Chicken would look “colourful” and “pretty” and that I would be in for a “wonderful combination of flavours”…is she having me on? This looks like I placed a perfectly good roast chicken on a char-grilled heap of tar! 

Thankfully I don’t need to win over the Hubster’s love with my culinary skills, so the pressure is slightly off. But for those of you who are trying to entice a potential love via the stomach, then I suggest (or in fact my Mother-in-Law suggests) that you add the lemons, onions and garlic to the chicken when you have about 20 minutes of cooking time remaining to avoid them looking like coal!

It was yummy, so I’ll let Delia off…this time! 

Luckily for Delia, (she almost received a tweet) the chicken itself did taste amazing. The sauce is a little tricky to perfect, but it does compliment the chicken and it went well with our salads and bread. If you’d like to give this Roast Chicken Adventure a try, then for the full recipe and method click here. Otherwise, here are a few other main course dishes that would make for a perfect Valentines Day dinner…

Has anyone else had some cooking failures? 
What plans do you have for a special Valentines Day meal? 

Until next time,

With Love & Burnt Grub,

Katie x

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