Fabulous Friday…

This week has been another miserable, wet and windy one. My week has been governed by closed roads, red lights and a zillion of those annoying yellow ‘Diversion’ signs due to all the flooding. But then I shouldn’t really complain as my home isn’t under six feet of water so I’ll count my lucky stars. But on the bright side today is Valentines Day…! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I have had a lot of fun planning, preparing and trying out new ideas to put together the Valentines Day feature and hopefully at least one lovely reader has found it useful. If you missed out on Miss Enchanting’s Guide to Valentines Day and you fancy making your loved one a yummy breakfast then see here or perhaps you need a few ideas for dinner tonight then see here. Of course you’ll need to create the perfect romantic setting for dinner and you’ll find some inspiration here! If you’re in the mood for something sweet and easy to make then check out my gluten free muffins here. Or if you completely forgot it was Valentines Day and you need some last minute gift ideas then look here,

Not feeling the Valentines Day love? Then see here for some suggestions on how to get through it without the day sending you over the edge. I’ve been there… (a large bar of) Galaxy chocolate and (a large glass of) wine always take the edge off, trust me.

Aside from my miserable journeys to and from work, this week has been a busy one and I’m looking forward to some well deserved sleep this weekend. But here are a few lovely things that have made my week just that little bit lovelier…Happy Fabulous Friday, whoop whoop! 

Celebrity Love…

If I could be in any girl band, it would most definitely be The Saturdays. I actually love them and would do anything (except eat bugs, hold a spider, swim with sharks or do anything involving dirt) to be their sixth band member. So you can imagine my utter shock and speechlessness when I literally bumped into Mollie King as we were piling our way into a concert this week. She was less than a foot from me for about 2.5 seconds and I couldn’t move, say or do anything and I’m unbelievably gutted with myself. I even had my camera in my sodding hand!  

My style icon…!

Aside from when a pigeon shat right in my eye in London, (which I’ll tell you more about one day- it’s a good story, I promise) I don’t think I can ever remember a time when I have been more speechless. What a blog post that would have made. It’s taken some wine, a major hang over and some counselling from my sister to accept that this fleeting moment was a good thing rather than a failed-once-in-a-lifetime-chance-to-meet-my-idol. I’m still not entirely convinced…I think I need more wine. 

Music Love…

Probably one of the best EP’s (I’m still not sure what this stands for…I’m not good with abbreviations- remember the IDET fiasco?) that I’ve purchased in a long time. Absolutely loving Sam Smith this week, his voice is amazing and so for all you love birds out there, I thought I’d give you this beautiful version of Nirvana to enjoy for Valentines Day. Love it. 

Food Love…

Oh.Dear. I have possibly found the most mouth watering gluten free sweet treat on the planet. Waitrose’s Free From Millionaire Blondies are the BEST thing I’ve ever eaten and for someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, I’m treading on dangerous ground here. Thankfully I don’t regularly shop in Waitrose otherwise I’d have a serious problem on my hands. For anyone gluten free, I suggest you try them once and then we’ll start a support group to ensure we don’t go back for more and more, and more and more…! Ahh! 

I want to eat this picture they are so good…

Clothes Love…

I felt a little smug last week as I brought a pair of jeans, one size down and to my utter surprise, they actually fit and they don’t make me look like toothpaste squeeze back into the tube. Hurrah for me. Although, having said this, after demolishing those Millionaire Blondies, I doubt very much my butt is going to fit in those jeans now. Damn you Waitrose, you owe me 4lbs in body fat gain. 

It’s moments like this that make a girl feel good about herself! 

Blog Love…

I received an email this morning informing me that I have reached 30 followers on Bloglovin. Yippee! For those of you who are are unfamiliar with Bloglovin’, it is a website where blog readers and lovers can follow their favourite blogs and any new posts are sent straight to their news feed when published. It’s a brilliant site and I was over the moon when one person started following my blog, let alone 30 people, so thank you so much! It makes all the time, effort, love, typing and mumbling worth it. Big virtual hugs and love are coming your way! 

Yay! Thank you so much! x 

Until next time,

With Love & Fabulousness,

Katie x

Images: Mollie King // Sam Smith Nirvana YouTube

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