Fabulous Friday…

Another week has come and gone already and thankfully it’s been a more positive one than last week! Phew. Aside from having trouble sitting on the loo and looking like a constipated penguin when I walk in the aftermath of a torturous boot camp experience, (which will be revealed soon) this week has been kind to me. Plus the sun is out, pay day has arrived and spring is almost here…whoop whoop! Happy Fabulous Friday! 

Music Love…

The Saturdays are back with their new single Not Giving Up from their recent album Living for the Weekend and I love it. I’ve been belting this out in the car all week and their new video is fab…go Sats!

Clothes Love…

So I know that I’m on a shopping ban, but I just couldn’t resist this bargain vest top from Primarni (aka Primark)…it was only £3.00 (it will probably fall apart after one wash) but I thought it would be perfect to wear for my next workout (torture) for the blog coming up in the next few weeks!

Advert Love…

Usually I hate adverts. I tend to watch most television programs on catch up so always wizz through them, but this advert caught my eye this week and it really made me chuckle! The girl is adorable and the cat just cracks me up…!

Blog Love…

I’m loving all the wedding related posts on LC’s blog now that she is planning her big day and one particular post stood out for me this week- Lauren Conrad’s Wedding Guest Rule. Deciding on your guest list is probably one of the hardest parts when it comes to planning your wedding. I know from both my professional and personal experience that it can lead to heated debates and conflicts between not only the bride and groom to be, but extended members of the family too. Remember, that it’s your day and you will no doubt be forking out a considerable sum for each guest to witness your nuptials. If in doubt, ask yourself if you’ve seen that person in the last two years, you know what they do for a living and even if you know their surname, (Yes I crossed out people for this reason alone!). We were only married ten months ago and I can honestly say that out of 120 wedding guests, we have only seen about half of those people since we said I do. So choose wisely, particularly if your bums on seats are going to burst your precious budget.

Product Love…

Following on from my last Birchbox Review, I’ve received some fantastic responses from readers and a few have asked where they can purchase the Urban Veda Exfoliating Facial Polish. I gave the links directly to Birchbox as you can usually purchase through them, but I am guessing they are sold out of this particular product, which isn’t surpising. But you can purchase it and others in the range directly from Urban Veda using this link here, which is what I will be doing (secretly) as this product is fantastic! 

Until next time,

With Love & Fabulous Friday,

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PS- check out my new signature- totes proud of oneself for sussing out how to do this…! x

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