Getting Fit for Life…with Legal & General and Keep Fit Bootcamp

I am so unfit. 

I refer to my list of Excuses, Excuses as to why I am so unfit. 

As part of my New Year Goals, I vowed to not only get fit this year, but to experience a range of new and exciting exercise workouts. So when I was invited to attend a Keep Fit Bootcamp last weekend, along with ten other bloggers, hosted by Legal & General as part of their Healthy Living Campaign, I thought this will definitely kick start the motivation I need to get fitter. Failing that, it would be just another shameful experience to add to my ever increasing list. I had nothing to lose. 

I had visions of muddy parks and being left behind in cross country. Cue flashbacks to torturous PE lessons. I hate mud and I hate cross country even more. But thankfully we were treated to a warm studio at International Student House, near Great Portland Street, where we would be tested to our limits by our uber cool instructor Gabriel. Phew. I have to admit that as soon as I saw the other bloggers my worse fears were confirmed. I was in fact the largest blogger in the group and unfortunately I’m not referring to followers and blog success. I’m talking about butt size. 

Why do we do this as women? Constantly comparing ourselves to others, fueling our own insecurities and filling our heads with crazy self loathing. But as soon as the session began, I gave myself a little talking to and figured that at least I was there and not snuggled up at home still in my PJ’s thinking about exercise…I was actually doing it.  

We started with a warm up (lots of squats and lunges), followed by a circuit of various exercises that really got your heart racing. We then moved on to some kickboxing, (which is probably the one form of workout that I am actually confident in) and thankfully I was paired up with the gorgeous Shona from SW Fashion, who I bored with my life story, as we jabbed and hooked our way to the much needed cool down.

I’m smiling…but inside I’m pooping ones pants! 

Love a Lunge…Not! 

Buns of steel…Buns of steel!

I’m dying inside…no pain, no gain…!

No Excuses- Motivate Yourself and Get Moving 

I honestly found the bootcamp tough, I was literally walking around like a constipated penguin and struggling to sit on the loo for at least 3 days after the workout, which only clarified just how much I need to keep myself motivated and continue to get myself fit and healthy this year. Legal & General’s Healthy Living Initiative is aimed at not only getting healthy, but staying healthy by improving your lifestyle and fitness. They even offer a jazzy self assessment to workout what your Q score is in order to understand what impact your lifestyle has on your current health status. 

On a bench waiting for a train…
wondering how I would actually make it onto the train! Ouch!

After taking the test, I came out with a score of Q44, which isn’t brilliant. But on the positive side, Legal & General don’t want you to dwell on these figures, they want you to improve on them. They are encouraging people to act on their current lifestyle to improve your health by following a range of ‘Priorities’ tailored to suit your current score. According to my results, my top three priorities are Exercise, BMI/Weight & Nutrition/Diet. I think alcohol consumption would have come in there too, but who really knows what a unit contains?! Following your results, you can then get motivated and set realistic goals with their online 12 Week Health Plan, which provides you with a range of programs related to you health improvement needs. 

These were the stairs to Hell that afternoon…! 

So it looks like I’ve had not only my butt kicked, but also my brain. I need to make some serious changes in order to improve my lifestyle if I want to avoid the severe implications that being overweight and unfit can incur on a person who spends more time blogging about not exercising, than actually doing any exercising. Oh poop. You too can get started with Legal & General’s 12 Week Health Program here. Thank you so much to Legal & General for giving me the kick up the butt I needed to get myself motivated, not just for today, but for life. 

Until next time,

With Love & Unfit Confessions,

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Disclosure: I was invited to attend a complimentary bootcamp session in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own (otherwise I’d make myself out to sound perfect) and have not been influenced in anyway. 

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