Gluten Free & Mess Free Valentines Day Muffins…

Last Saturday, after a morning spent working my domestic goddess magic on our home, I received a lovely surprise visit from Mum and my sister, Emily. Since moving out, having them both around is definitely  something I really miss about home, it was always comforting to know that they were there for a chat or a moan whenever I needed them, I really love it when they pop round for a cuppa and a catch up. 

So with Miss Enchanting’s Guide to Valentines Day in mind, we decided to try out Helen’s Gluten Free Chocolate Muffin Mix using Emily’s groovy little muffin maker. As you might have gathered, I hate mess, our weighing scales are broken and cooking can sometimes stress me out, so I’m all for using pre-ready mixes and fancy pants contraptions that do most of the work for me. Let the fun begin…

All ready to make some lovely cakes! 

Mixing all the ingredients…with my gorgeous little helper…
who actually did most of the work, I just posed for the pictures!  

Domestic Goddess…or so it looks-
the first bowl I put the mixture in was too small so the wizzer flicked the mix everywhere- oops! 

Once the  muffin maker was hot- simply spoon the mixture into the holes and put the lid down…done! 

When cooked they just pop right out of the muffin maker- no mess! 

Yes I cheat when it comes to icing too…
I’m not faffing with homemade stuff when the £2 tub tastes a whole lot better and makes a lot less mess! 

Decorating fun- sprinkled with red love hearts

So cute and so yummy! 

Ta Da!!! Mini Gluten Free Valentines Muffins…love it! 

To say that the muffin maker was magic is an understatement. It was fan-blooming-tastic! It was so quick, mess free and really easy to work. It literally took 12 minutes to make a batch of seven mini muffins. I highly recommend purchasing one of these bad boys from Tescos which can be found here.

We were really pleased with our Mini Gluten Free Valentines Day Muffins…and they tasted really good too! Non-Coeliacs even complimented on how good they were and said they didn’t even taste GF, so it’s a win win all round- well done Helen’s Gluten Free Foods, I’ll be using your products again that’s for sure! Huge thank you to Emily for doing most of the hard work and for clearing up whilst I dipped in and out just to pose for photos…you are a superstar! 

Have you made any Valentines Day treats this week? 

Until next time,

With Love & Muffin Magic,

Katie x

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