Guide to Valentines Day…A Romantic Dinner for Two

With only one day to go until Valentines Day, most of us by now have a vague idea of how you plan to spend it, or in some cases get through it. In Marks & Spencer’s yesterday, I was feeling very smug with my bargain  Valentines Dine in for £20.00 Offer (It’s amazing- a starter, main, side dish, dessert, bottle of wine AND chocolates for just £20.00. Sweet…who said romance had to cost a fortune?) but the girl serving me at the till quickly burst my love bubble when she groaned (aloud) and said “oh god, every other customer has purchased this today…the whole thing just makes me sick!” I’m guessing she wasn’t talking about the food…what a misog.

But as much as I’m in love with all things lovely, the very thought of being squeezed into a restaurant with thirty other couples gazing into each others eyes, does make me cringe. I’d probably spend most of the night, not paying attention to the Hubster, but instead nosing into other peoples conversations and then feeding my pointless details and theories back to him. I wouldn’t be able to help myself, trying to suss out the secret lives of my fellows diners. Who’s hoping (desperately) for a proposal (I’ve been there)? Who is on a first date, how does it look like its going? Who is not really feeling the love? Oh who might be having an affair? Ooooh…who is having problems in the bedroom department? I’d have the whole room pigeon holed with a back story before my main course arrives. I need to get a life, I know. 

No, it’s probably best that I stay home with the Hubster to enjoy our first Valentines Day as a married couple with a good old bargain meal deal and if there’s one thing I do love about Valentines Day, it’s creating a romantic table setting. Well you have to make a little effort every now and then. So I’ve out together a few gorgeous inspirations from Pinterest, for the perfect romantic table setting, most of which can be easily adapted to suit your own style and provisions…

Colour co-ordinating your table décor to compliment your interior is a gorgeous idea. I love the pink candles in hurricane lamps filled with sand and the white shells giving this Valentines table a gorgeous beach house effect..
roll on summer! 

This chalk board table runner can be created using black card or paper. Personalise the runner using white chalk to write sweet messages of love. The wine glasses are also a cool idea, turning them upside down over red rose heads or Valentines cupcakes!  

A really romantic table setting using a variety of vases and coloured roses. So beautiful and easy to recreate. 


Simple, classic and so easy to do.
Using any ribbon of your choice tie around your cutlery and then position onto a neatly folded napkin. 

For a rustic themed table this Valentines, use twigs and branches to create small arrangements and tie string around your napkins. For cute touches use scrabble words to write romantic love messages to your Valentine. 
Create delicate posies of roses using these gorgeous Monogrammed Mugs from Anthropologie

What are your plans for a romantic Valentines Day dinner?

Until next time,

With Love & Dinner Plans,

Katie x

Images: Chalkboard Runner // Ribbon Place Setting //  Variety Roses // Love Wall Art // Scrabble Table // Love Mugs

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