HOTW #8… Katie’s Corner

So we are almost half way through a new week and I’m still dwelling on the previous. It’s only just dawning on me how much my state of mind is becoming so reflective in my blog posts and I can’t believe that it’s taken until today to decide on a Highlight of the Week for last week. Part of me thought, sod it, there was nothing, it was a crap week and it wont kill me or annoy anyone if I give this feature a miss for one week. But then the other, the more obsessive, complusive, side of me knew that by skipping a week, I would enevitably be left with a niggling-bug-me-for-the-rest-of-my-life feeling that there was this gaping hole in my blog. I don’t do holes and I can’t stand niggling feelings. So here it is, a little late, but nonetheless important, Highlight of the last Week…

When I discovered that I was a Gluten Free Girl, I thought that no one would ever want to invite me round for dinner again. Hosts are usually sent into a state of panic that their attempts to feed me will end up sending me into some sort of glutenitus seizure. But over the years, my family and friends seem to be getting the hang of it and never fail to make me feel loved and looked after.

So on Saturday night, when celebrating my cousin’s daughters birthday, I was really touched to see that my auntie had put together an array of yummy gluten free foods, (or GF as she likes to call it) all safely guarded under the sign…Katie’s Corner. Hands off, this food is all mine!

I am so grateful and overwhelmed by the effort that people go to in order to fill me full of grub that wont leave me running for the loo. It’s the little things that count for us gluten free chicks. Mum is the Queen of Gluten Free flags, always labeling and separating my foods. She spends so much time searching and cooking my own versions so that I’m never left out. My Dad has spent the last eight years perfecting my gluten free sausage rolls, which you can read all about here. My Mother-in-Law always ensures that I’ve got some crackers to go with my cheese and a special dessert, just for me. My friend Claire always treats me to my favourite Eat Natural Bars so that I never miss out on a snack with our afternoon tea. I never go hungry that’s for sure! So here is a big thank you to all of you amazing people who cater for me so well…my tummy and I love you very much!

If you want to find out more information to relating to Coeliac Disease the click here or for laugh you can read about the problems of being gluten free here.

Until next time,

With Love & Food for Thoughts,

Katie x

Disclosure: Unless otherwise referenced, all photographs are my own and are edited on Instagram or PicMonkey

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