HOTW #5…We’re not 21 anymore!

This weekend, I realised that not only is my mind no longer in my twenties, but neither is my body. 

Friday night was Aimee’s 30th Birthday Party and boy did we dance our butts off. It was like we had been unleashed from the dusty comforts of our onesies in a January hibernation and given a perfect excuse to glam ourselves up for the night and royally strut our stuff. Aimee is the Queen of Dancing. For a girl who doesn’t really drink alcohol, she sure knows how to get a party started. She even performed an entire rendition of Proud Mary– solo. It was awesome. Hats off to you sweets. 

No make up, greasy hair and a hundred balloons! Hardly Miss Inconspicuous 2014…
The things I do for Miss Scrine! 

No party set up would be complete without a cheeky Starbucks run! 

Setting up…no make up…but always wine! 

The amazing sweetie table created by Aimee’s mum, Stella! 

Bon Bon anyone? 

My beautiful (but blurry) girls!

I woke up the morning after in agony.

Aside from a slight hang over…my feet felt like they had been squeezed into shoes four sizes too small for an expedition up a mountain and my legs were laughing to themselves thinking there’s no way she going to be able to climb those stairs today. Thanks for the support legs. To say I ached, would be an understatement.

What’s happened to me?

There was a time when I would have battled six exercise classes and at least three nights out boogieing in just one week and now barely managing one class and one night out and I’m suffering like an OAP. I think it was the Old Skool Garage set that really took it out of me. I just have to face it that I can’t bump and grind as easily as I could ten years ago. Thankfully none of us felt the pressure to pull off the best ‘Slut Drop’ as I think we’d most likely stayed have down on the floor and had a little catch whilst we awaited assistance to get us standing again. Oh dear, we’re getting old girls.

But the pain was totally worth it.

I had the best time dancing away all my stresses and woes from the week. So my Highlight of the Week was most definitely dusting off my (old) dancing feet. Thank you for a fabulous night Aimee…just think, in ten years we’ll be celebrating our fortieths! I wonder if we’ll look as good bopping to Jaheim’s Just in Case or even Informer…when should you call it a day getting your groove on to ‘I lick your boom boom down’? Probably never.  

What was your Highlight of the Week?

Please tell me I’m not alone in my ageing woes?

Until next time,

With Love & Sore Dancing Feet,

Katie x

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