In the mood for love…and pancakes

Last weekend I had a real craving for pancakes. A perfect example of yet another dreamy food item that is usually off limits for us gluten free geeks. You can’t just grab a crepe on the go, along with a hundred other foods I-can’t-have-as-my-stomach-eats-itself-rather-than-the-food- items…oh the fun. Making my own pancakes from scratch seemed like such a faff. Plus our weighting scales are broken so instead I opted for the easy option- Mrs Crimbles Home Bake Pancake Mix. However hard I try, I’m no domestic goddess when it comes to the kitchen and it always takes me a few attempts to perfect any recipe (read about my Delia disaster here and my New Years Goals here) so any ready made mix is a godsend in my book. Thank you Mrs Crimble!

Too true…! 

Making the pancakes was a breeze. You just add milk, eggs and whiz together in a bowl. After heating some oil in a frying pan, I made a few normal sized pancakes just to get into the swing of things. Oh and I was hungry so didn’t want to experiment on an empty stomach…I get impatient when I’m hungry. Anyhoo, once I’d filled a hole in my tummy, I then filled a silicone heart with about two tablespoons of the mix in the pan to create these really cute love heart pancakes. 

I purchased the silicone heart (which can be used to fry heart shaped eggs too!) from Dotcomgiftshop a few years ago, but I’ve found similar ones at Tescos for just £3.50! I then served the pancakes with a light sprinkle of lemon and sugar, with some fresh strawberries on the side. Delicious. Everyone has their perfect pancake accompaniment, such as honey, Nutella, maple syrup, ice cream or even fresh berries, the tasty choices are limitless.

I was a little chuffed with oneself…

Et Voila! 
Lemon & Sugar

In my attempt at being creative, I tried to sprinkle icing sugar, but it all fell out in a lump…some people make this cooking lark look so easy. Take Lauren Conrad’s Eat Your Heart Out Pancakes and Spoonful’s Heartfelt Pancakes for example…how do they do it? 

Icing Sugar Heart…wasn’t as successful in presentation, but it still tasted yummy! 

Silicon Heart used for the shape! 

If you’re not a fan of pancakes, then why not try scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Halfway through cooking the eggs, I always mix in two heaped tablespoons of crème fraiche then sprinkle chives on top to give them a little something special. Yummy.

Do you have a romantic Valentines breakfast planned?

Until next time,

With Love & I heart eggs,

Katie x

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