Miss Enchanting's Guide to Valentine's Day…

With only 10 days to go until Valentines Day and as a lover of love and all things lovely, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some ideas, gifts and thoughts to get you in the lurve mood…Introducing Miss Enchanting’s Guide to…Valentines Day!

I remember our first Valentines Day like it was yesterday. I was so excited and I probably started planning for it in January. It was a miserable rainy day in London (as per usual) and I had an interview for a receptionists job at the production company where they produced Pop World, (Remember that terrible Sunday morning music show?) Anyway, the offices were in the back end of beyond nowhere in Battersea and I remember thinking, there is no way that I’m doing this journey twice a day for the foreseeable future. That decided, I then spent most of the interview just keen to get it over with so that I could mission it home to start preparations for our Valentines meal that night. (No surprise, I wasn’t offered the job…that was just one of many interview failures that I’ll share one day!) I’d spent a small fortune in Paperchase on table decor, napkins and candles and I couldn’t wait to create the perfect first Valentine’s Day dinner table. Oh and of course, spend the evening with my gorgeous boyfriend! (Puke buckets at the ready!) 

I had even spent hours (more like weeks) making him the perfect Valentines Day card- another sign that I had a) planned ahead, b) was so so excited to actually have a boyfriend on Valentines Day, c) was madly in love and d) clearly had too much time on my hands! Ah young love. 

The time and effort that went into making that card…
I also can’t get over how young we look in this photograph! 

This also might be a good time to point out that however it may sometimes appear, (or how hard I try) my life is not a constant Fairy tale, full of romance and magic dust. The Hubster is like most men, if he spontaneously gives me flowers, he’s most likely done something wrong! But the cards he gives, never fail to make me laugh, although this did take some getting used to! The first Christmas card he gave me was a “To the Dog at Christmas” card, which as you can imagine, went down like a lead balloon. But it was moments like this where I realised the pre-written empty words on those slushy cards aren’t always real and honest. But it’s the funny-don’t take life too seriously moments that mean so much more and can have a longer lasting effect on your relationship. 

But there was of course a time when I was single and Valentine’s Day was a bit of a depressing-cry-or-throw-up-at-the-sight-of-all-the-sodding-hearts- time of year, so in support of this I’m going to try and keep this feature varied. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about smug couples and soppy people protesting their love (which should be all year round- not just one day a year!), it can also be a time to celebrate you and the exciting times you have yet to experience. 

So love bugs, even if you’re madly in love or madly looking for love, follow Miss Enchanting’s Guide to Valentine’s Day for more ideas on how to make your Valentine’s Day perfect!

Until next time,

With Love & Young Love Memories,

Katie x

Helene in Between

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