An Understated Wedding…

Last week I was invited to a very special wedding to witness two amazing people tie the knot. 

I do love a wedding. Good job really seeing that I was a wedding planner. So having experienced weddings from both the planning and the brides aspect, being a guest is a real treat and an honour. You understand and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into getting to this point…all the decisions, the choices, the tears, the tantrums and it was all for this one day. Before the ceremony begins, I sit there and wonder what colour have they chose for the bridesmaids, what flowers have been picked and what music will be played? What cars have been used and what the cake will look like? What surprises are in store, what entertainment they will have…and of course what the bride will look like as she makes her entrance? 

But this wedding was different.

There were no flowers. 

There were no hymns in the church. 

Even no photographer. 

There were no vintage wedding cars.
There wasn’t a wedding cake.

They didn’t have a wedding book for guests to sign and pass around. 

There wasn’t a gift table or a card box to post any wedding cards. 

There were no favours that get left in your handbag until the next wedding. 

There was no unnecessary entertainment.
There was no first dance. 

There was no crazy schedule to keep up with and there was certainly no stressing. 

I can honestly say as a guest, I didn’t miss a single thing off that list. 

But there was a very beautiful bride and a very handsome groom. 

Who said their wedding vows and exchanged rings.  

There was a room full of close family and brilliant friends. 

There was certainly a lot of love and a lot laughter. 

There was amazing food and lots of wine. 

There were short, but nevertheless sweet speeches. 

There was dancing. 

There was a lot of love for the new Mr & Mrs. 

It was everything a wedding should be and it was one of the loveliest weddings I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of

It was day that reminded us what getting married was all about. 

About two people who love each other. 

About two people wanting to become a family. 

About two people who want to spend the rest of the their lives together.

It was the perfect wedding day.  

As brides we sometimes get carried away with planning our big day. You have an ideal vision of what your day should be about, but the fundamental point of a wedding should come down to this- you are marrying your partner for life, everything else will soon be forgotten (unless you’ll still be paying it off until your Ruby wedding anniversary that is!) 

Congratulations to the beautiful Bride & Groom and thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us…it was a day to cherish and remember.  

Until next time,

With Understated Love, 

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