Fabulous Friday…

It’s been an interesting week full of reflections, decisions and patience awaiting the unknown. Sometimes you just wish you had a crystal ball to know how things will pan out and how the decisions you make now will have a positive or negative effect for your future. If only life were that easy. But I realised last night that as I’ve been dwelling on my own worries, some of my nearest and dearest need a bigger hugs than I do right now. Life can be a right bugger when it wants to be. Just when you think you’re doing alright, something happens or changes to knock you back and lets you down again.

But I’m hoping that with spring finally starting to bloom, things start to change for the better and that it brings some much needed luck and love for a few special people in my life…Happy Fabulous Friday!

Photo Love…

I am obsessed with Instagram. There is something quite addictive and a tad nosey about scrolling through other people photographs. Getting little snippets of their lives, their adventures and captured moments that meant so much to them as they clicked, edited, posted and shared. This week, encouraged by a friend, I’ve joined in with the #fmsphotoaday challenge created by the fabulous Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim. Following the prompt provided for each day of the month, you take a photo inspired by the prompt (which doesn’t have to be on Instagram, you can use your own camera and upload on Facebook and Twitter) then share it using the hashtag (#fmsphotoaday) so that others can follow, search and share. I’m loving seeing all the photographs that everyone is capturing each day…it’s amazing how a project so simple can reach out to so many people around the globe. You can follow my #fmsphotoaday challenge on Instagram here.

Clothes Love…

Following the Hen Night Drunken Antics last week, our friends wedding is tomorrow and it only just dawned on me that I didn’t have an outfit to wear. (OK so I probably have something I could wear, but being a girl, I want something new…it will make me much happier!) So I flew to my nearest Dorothy Perkins and in under thirty minutes, I had chosen and tried on eight outfits and narrowed it down to three possible dresses. 

Now I am left with the dilemma of choosing one of these dresses (with the good intention of returning the other two…which in reality is highly unlikely) along with the possibility that another guest will also be wearing one of these on Saturday. This is always the risk when you leave it so late and purchase a current season dress in a popular high street store…if I was still a Wedding Planner, I think I’d create a website where guests could submit their chosen outfit so that there wouldn’t be this issue to worry about! Hhmmm…now there’s an idea for Dragon’s Den…!

Wedding Guest Dress

Music Love…

Oh My…Sam Smith literally has the best vocals in the world. Love him and I’m loving this song right now…

Blog Love…

When I first begun my blogging adventure, a friend introduced me to one of her favourite bloggers Penny over at Alexander Residence. Penny is a hugely inspiring and successful blogger who not only shares her amazing experiences and general fab family life, but is also part of an amazing team of bloggers who are passionately dedicated to raising money and awareness for Sport Relief.

Penny, along with Annie from Mammasaurus and Tanya from Mummybarrow are currently out in Tanzania with Comic Relief to report on the #lastingchange mission, to see first hand how money raised from Sports Relief is making a positive difference and a lasting impact on families and their communities. To follow their journey, visit her blog here and you can show your support and discover more about the fantastic work that the Team Honk Relay are doing here. Alternatively visit the Sport Relief  page for more information on how to get involved or of course donate! Go #Teamhonkrelay

What Fabulous things have made your week?

Until next time,

With Love & Fabulous Friday,

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