Fabulous Friday…

Another week has flown by and it’s been a tough week work wise, but as always there have been a few lovely things that have kept me positive and smiling as we finally reach the weekend…Happy Fabulous Friday!

Film Love…

Ok so I know I promised to stop harping on about my Labor Day Achievement, but after being sent this video I just had to share it. As I mentioned in my Labor Day Film Review, after the screening we were asked to give our thoughts on the film and this didn’t exactly go the way one would hope. But thankfully they skipped the whole “empty” fiasco and the part where I knocked over the huge film poster that was positioned behind us! Phew…needless to say on seeing this I’ve decided that vlogging wouldn’t be my strong point as my voice is totes annoying…I actually make myself cringe…! 

Event Love…

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the BYOM event with Notonthehighstreet.com and I got a call from Mum this morning saying that her face was all over their website. Slight exaggeration as there is only one photograph, but needless to say she went on to ask if we’d given permission to use our mugs on the site, to which I replied, “no Madonna, we didn’t, shall I get your agent to call your lawyers?!” She does make me chuckle. Anyhoo, you can read NOTHS’s very own blog review of their event here, where you’ll find just one photo of my “celebrity status” of a mother and me. 

Workout Hate Love…

I’ve finally got my act together and have started exercising, not just regularly, but every day! Following in the lead of the Husbter, we are doing T20, which is a spin off from Insanity, a similar hardcore program just condensed into twenty-five minutes of intense exercise. Aside from having trouble sitting on the toilet and if I sit still for too long my legs seize up, I seem to be doing OK. Luckily, the thought of wearing a bikini on holiday in less than ten weeks is keeping me motivated…! 

Clothes Love..

I totally blame my latest spending splurge on my sister in law. Last week she showed me a gorgeous new PJ set she had brought from Next and so I did want any normal person does…I went and got the same set, along with three other pairs. What’s wrong with me…? Oh well, can a girl never have to many PJ’s…along with dresses, bags, shoes, lipsticks….? 

Tulip Print // Pink Petals // Grey Checked // Navy Fleece

Blog Love…

This crazy blogging world still baffles me. Everyday something new and exciting takes me by surprise which encourages me to work hard on my little piece of cyber space. This week, as I stood in the queue at the supermarket, a magazine caught my eye. I recognised the girl on the front cover, but where from? I then clicked…she’s only Zoella- the fashion & beauty blogger extraordinaire, who is probably most famous for her gorgeously quirky YouTube channel. Now I’m no regular magazine purchaser (I can’t keep up with the amount of book and blog reading I have as it is!) but this one I just had to buy. Seeing her on the front cover of Company magazine was so inspiring and it made me think about the avenues and doors that the blogging and vlogging industry can open. OK so I know I wont be ending up on the front cover of a magazine anytime soon (Weight Watchers could be a possibility) but its always good to have aspirations… “Er hello Glamour, my name is Katie and I er…” 

Until next time,

With Love & Fabulous Friday,

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