HOTW #11…A Stroll, Sunshine & Spring Cleaning

After a sickness bug, (which you can read about here…I promise it’s not a gross account of how I spent the best part of 48 hours with my head attached to my toilet!) I always feel the need to decontaminate our entire home to get rid of any lingering germs that might be festering and waiting to pounce for an encore. So this weekend, once I finally regained some strength (and steadily began putting back on any weight I had lost over the past few days) I thought it the perfect opportunity to spring clean the Albury pad as well as get outside for some much needed fresh air. I was practically going stir crazy with cabin fever in the aftermath of my sickness bug, so with our home gleaming I asked the Hubster if we could go out “for a walk”. Little did I know that the afternoon wouldn’t pan out exactly as I’d hoped as we made our way to Boxhill, Surrey. 

The Hubster and I aren’t big ‘walkers’. Going for walks just isn’t something that we do in our spare time. You always here about these people who go for lovely long walks on the weekend before snuggling up in a quaint little pub where they finish off their rambling afternoon with a glass of Merlot by a log fire. Those smug ramblers…

So I had visions of a leisurely stroll, hand in hand, discussing our future, before settling down in some local pub for a well deserved glass of wine. What I experienced was a little less romantic and I soon realised that I wasn’t entirely prepared for a “walk”. It turned out to be a sweaty mountain climb, lagging about a mile behind the Hubster, desperately dodging cow pats, whilst constantly pulling up my jeans, peeling my newly blow dried barnet from my brow and muttering sweet curses under my breath. Bridget eat your heart out. Needless to say I wasn’t prepared for a “leisurely stoll” (my arse that was not a stroll) and it will be some time before I’m quick utter the words “let’s go for a walk” anytime soon! It’s not that I’m unfit (well that has a little to do with it), it’s just that I’m not a country bumpkin. Ramblers don’t tend to wear white Converse, beige blazers and pashminas, whilst carrying their worldly belongings in an over-sized Longchamp bag. Not to self don’t bother washing and blow dryer your hair either next time. Next time- ha!

But it wasn’t all bad. As soon as we reached the top, I was fed and watered (I like to eat every four hours or else I get cranky) and as we made our way back down the hill, I soon cheered up. Of course the Husbter was quick to point out that I was only happy down that we were going down the hill…of course I bloody was- I would have slid down on my bum if it meant it would get me to that pub quicker!

The rest of the weekend was filled with family visits and spending some much needed time outside. So by Sunday afternoon, as I sat in the garden, drinking a delicious gluten free beer, soaking up the beautiful sunshine, I realised that having a loving clean home and spending some quality time outside with my amazing family, all definitely contributed perfectly to a Highlight of the Week feature.

Fresh flowers for a spring cleaned home

The Hubster…waiting for me…can you tell he was getting impatient. 

Stroll…my arse! 

Going down…my mood was a vast improvement from going up! 

A gluten free beer in the sunshine…! 
Miss Molly Moo enjoying the sunshine! 

Our first dinner outside this year…perfect! 

What was your Highlight of the Week?

Until next time,

With Love & Fresh Feelings,

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