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It’s hard to believe, but this week will be Miss Enchanting’s six month birthday and in light of this, I’ve been doing a bit blog soul searching. Where am I going with the blog? What do I expect to achieve from it? All of which I am still unsure about, but I am in no doubt absolutely loving every minute I spend in this crazy blogging world; writing, researching, connecting, reading other blogs and sharing new experiences and generally not doing the housework as a result of it. Oops!

I am honestly overwhelmed by the positive responses and the number of hits that I have received from the blog so far, but there is something missing. Something that has been niggling at me for a while now and it wasn’t until I came across a post by the brilliant Helene over at Helene In Between that I realised what this niggling feeling was in relation to my blog…

In her post, The Art of Commenting, Helene perfectly sums up the importance of readers leaving comments on her blog posts. Like me the numbers are showing that people are reading my blog, but how can I know that people are actually reading it if they don’t comment? More than that, how can I judge their responses to it if readers don’t let me know their thoughts? Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving messages and likes on Facebook, but I now understand that what really determines the success of a blog, is the comments.

In my recent post, Does being Married and Thirty mean I’m Unemployable? I was delighted with the amount of comments I received, because it demonstrated that not only was I not alone in my woes, but that my thoughts had provoked a community of discussion, which is what fundamentally a blog is all about- community. Helene points out too that the same goes for us as the bloggers. We appreciate the comments and the blog love from others so we spend a considerable amount of our time reading others blogs and commenting on their posts to show our support. Blogging stems from building up a community of followers and friends and anything more than that is a well earned bonus for all the hard work.

Your comments can be positive, argumentative, (you have the right to disagree), praising (I like praise), personal, general, far out, crazy, controversial, confessional…anything apart from being mean towards me or my readers, because I’ll cry… I cry easily. But as long as you do comment, you will not only be supporting me, but the community of bloggers that rely on it’s readers to keep them going, it makes us know that our time has been worth it spent blogging, instead of ironing. 

I’ve learnt that there are so many “points” to a blog. It’s becoming a passion of mine. I’m not only documenting my life, but I’m getting to experience so many exciting new adventures, meeting some amazing people and making connections from all over the world. That’s pretty amazing stuff from just sitting in a corner of our spare room on my laptop.

Until next time, 

With Love & Comment Encouragement,  

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