Fabulous Friday…

I’m still ill. This has to the longest ever cold-sinusitis-cough-snot-ridden-bug I’ve ever had and I am totally bored of it. I’ve got things to do, people to see, make up to try out and I’m being held back by the lurgies that have well and truly outstayed their welcome. But on the plus side, it’s the weekend and so I can hibernate, wearing my unicorn sweats (which the Hubster hates), my broken glasses (because my eyes are too sore for my contacts) and continue to dose myself up, otherwise it’s off to the doctors for moi. Oh pants. Anyhoo, until then…Happy Fabulous Friday everyone!

Video Love…

This video is hilarious and I’ll be reminded of this every time I’m filling the car up at the petrol station.

Clothes Love…

Here are a few wardrobe favourites I’ve been wearing this week! 

Belle Top // Spotted Scarf // Unicorn Sweats // Knitted Jumper 

Concert Love…

Yippee! As mentioned last week, The Saturdays have announced a Greatest Hits tour and we were lucky enough to secure our tickets in the pre-sale…whoop whoop! Tickets for the tour can be found here

Music Love…

After hearing this song played by the guys over at 50 Plays of Gray on Ridge Radio, I’ve had it on repeat all week…if you think the song is cool then check out the visually awesome and dapper music video that compliments it. These guys rock. 

Blog Love…

There is nothing more inspiring in this industry than when you come across another blogger whose work and style you totally admire and after discovering the very gorgeous Hannah Maggs this week, I’ve literally become obsessed with her brilliant YouTube Channel. Originally a make up artist and beauty blogger, Hannah is quickly becoming a hugely successful vlogger. She beautifully captures her family life, where viewers are given an insight to her life as a new wife and yummy mummy to the very adorable baby Grayson (what an awesome name too!). I’m looking forward to following her exciting journey from now on, which even includes launching her very own range of designer baby clothes too…see her fabulous talents are endless. I have serious blogger envy with this chick! Check out her blog and her channel, I’m pretty sure you’ll become a Hannah Mags fan too! 

P.S Please don’t forget to vote for moi in this year’s Brit Mums Brilliance in Blogging Awards. You’ve only got until midnight on 12th April before the nominations close. To read more about my award nominating plea then read here. Sending love and thanks in advance!

Until next time,

With Love & Fabulous Friday

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Images: Gas Station Karaoke //  The Saturdays // The Neighborhood //

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