HOTW #13…Hugs & Laughter

A little slow on a Highlight of the Week, but the weekend was a crazy busy one filled with family, food and lots of sparkly, which was so needed after a not so easy working week. Some weeks are harder than others to try and find something positive that stood out from a typical ordinary week, (it’s always going to be hard to top this one) Particularly if you’re having a stressful week, it can be hard to find something good when you’re in a midst of worries and woes. But after some thought, the only special thing that kept coming to mind was the Hubster, making him my Highlight of the Week. 

Last week was a little stressful if not annoying, but what kept me going each day was coming home to a hug from the Hubster. I was so appreciative for that hug each night. That hug made any troubles from the day ease away, making me feel relaxed and relieved to be home. The rest of our evenings were filled with normal routines, that felt precious as we cooked dinner together, talked about anything (except work) and laughed away through to bedtime. It made me realise that these are the little things that make a marriage so special. How much you depend on one another to keep you going through life. When one is having a bad day, the other makes it better by simply being there to remind you that there is so much more to life than work. 

What was your Highlight of the Week?

Until next time,

With Love & Precious Hugs,

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