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Life can be pretty manic for us ladies. Juggling work, home and a family, along with all the other issues and dilemmas that life throws at us can be a crazy circus to contend with everyday. If you’re not meeting deadlines, you’re nursing temperatures and tantrums, or running a zillion errands, cooking, cleaning or dealing with that annoying parking ticket, whilst trying to be in several places at once. Phew. Life can be exhausting at times. 

Guaranteed there are two areas of your life that always take a backseat; socialising with friends and treating yourself to a little pampering. Between fleeting messages of, “we must have a proper catch up soon” and scuffing that nail varnish after hurriedly applying it as you rush out the door, most of us tend to neglect ourselves when it comes to beauty treatments and usually feel guilty about taking some much needed ‘you’ time. It’s rare that you ever arrange to do both socialising and pampering at the same time, so when Pamper Parties by Lifted Spirit got in touch, I thought it the perfect excuse to hold a ‘Post Mother’s Day Pamper Party’ and treat our mums to well deserved beauty treatment as well as a catch up over Sunday brunch…

Created by beauty therapist Jodie Wood, Lifted Spirit conveniently brings the luxury of beauty treatments into the comfort of your own home, office or event venue. Originally trained in Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage and Stress Management and with over ten years experience in the beauty therapy industry, Jodie is passionate about her work and understands the importance of women taking just a little time out from their busy lives to rejuvenate and revitalise their body and mind. As a busy mum herself, Jodie appreciates that most women feel guilty taking time out for themselves, which is why Lifted Spirited was created, as a way of getting the most out of your precious time, leaving you to continue with your hectic lives in more energised and positive spirit.

What was really lovely about hosting a pamper party is how relaxed and discreet Jodie made the whole event feel. The Sunday morning bunch flowed effortlessly as we lounged around, enjoying smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, drinking tea and chatting about anything and everything, whilst each took turns to enjoy a range of fabulous beauty treatments, including; a manicure, pedicure, back massage, face and head massage and a chocolate pedicure. Heaven.

My sister Emily sat back and nursed a vodka-inflicted hangover as Jodie went to work on her pedicure. 

My sister-in-law, Frances, a full time working mum with two under 3’s, was the perfect Lifted Spirit customer as she always leaves her nails until the last minute, so her manicure was really appreciated!

Mum and I opted for the massages which were amazing! I can honestly say that this was one of the best back massages I’ve ever had and I felt totally relaxed afterwards. Mum had a face, neck and head massage and loved it too!

My mother-in-law had the new chocolate pedicure, which may not have looked pretty, but it smelt divine! After a chocolate soak, exfoliation, her feet were wrapped in a chocolate infused mask and then warmed in elf-like heated boots whist the mask worked its magic!

You don’t need a big house to host a pamper party in either. We have a moderate sized two bedroom flat and all that Jodie required was an area for the massage table along with a small table to place her products on and she was good to go! Pamper Parties by Lifted Spirit could literally be held in any situation, even at a book club, where everyone can discuss and catch up as usual, with the only difference being that everyone has been treated to a lovely beauty treatment. Bonus.

Jodie was simply fabulous, she made everyone feel at ease and was more than happy to share her beauty expertise with us throughout the morning.

Q&A with Jodie Wood from Lifted Spirit

What’s the perfect Pamper Party occasion? 

Any occasion is perfect for a Pamper Party! Baby Showers are fantastic to pamper Mummy-to-be and her friends before the baby arrives, or even parties for Anti-Natal groups and New Mums. We also do birthdays, Mothers Day, Prom parties, Hen parties, Pre-Wedding and even little girl’s birthday parties from 3 years and upwards. I do a lot of coffee mornings and Mum & Baby groups too. One of my favourite type of pamper parties are the everyday girly ‘get together’s’, I’ve regularly worked with one group of ladies in particular and I’ve been pampering them through their single days, to dating, then getting married and now having children. It’s so lovely to share and catch up on their journeys through their pamper party experiences over the years.

How much does a Pamper Party cost? 

For ladies, prices start at £20 per person. Group sizes can vary from anything to two- twenty or more, however we suggest two therapists for parties of ten or more.

What has been your most memorable Pamper Party?

There have been a few, but one that stands out was when I first started out, the party seemed like a normal one to begin with, until after I had set up, I realised that the ladies were also doing a life drawing class alongside the pampering! It was difficult to concentrate, I couldn’t help but stare!

What is your favourite treatment? 

Massage is my specialty. I love to see my clients relax and completely wind down. But I’m also enjoying the new chocolate pedicures and massages, I think these are going to be really fabulous and popular with my clients.

What do you love most about Lifted Spirit Pamper Parties? 

I absolutely love my job. It’s so rewarding and satisfying being able to make someones day, just by making them look and feel fantastic.

Pamper Parties by Lifted Spirit are offering all Miss Enchanting readers a fabulous 20% off discount* if you book a party before the end of April 2014, so if you are looking for something a little different for either a special occasion or a much needed social event, then visit the Lifted Spirit website here for more information on how to book. Jodie is a brilliant beauty therapist and her team of fully trained therapists will leave you and your guests feeling revitalised and refreshed. I’m definitely looking forward to hiring Lifted Spirit in the future, starting with the Book Club summer party!

Until next time,

With Love & Lifted Spirits

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Disclosure: Commissioned Post working in collaboration with Lifted Spirit. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. 

*Subject to availability & client location, Lifted Spirit beauty therapists are located in and around the Surrey/South London area.

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