Birchbox…May 2014 Review

You know that Summer is on its way when one day you’re baring all in your bikini, getting burnt to a crisp then the next day you’re feet are getting soaked wearing flip flops in the rain. Hey ho. That’s good old England for you. So opening up this months Birchbox on a gorgeously hot and sunny day, I took full advantage and headed to the park to snap some pictures…and I’m glad I did otherwise it would have been one soggy shoot if I’d done it this weekend! Where has the sun gone…? But luckily for us, this months box is a collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar and it’s a gooden…bursting with colour and essentials that are all designed to get you Summer ready…who needs the sun when you’ve got a box full of gorgeousness…?

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil

Intended to revive and awaken your senses with it’s combination of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper essential oils, this bath and shower product is a luxurious treat. It’s strong scent (boarder line Olbas Oil) and thick texture will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and wide awake. Although I’m not sure whether it was the oil itself or reading the price that woke me up more- at £39.00 for a full sized bottle, you’ll have to be feeling particularly flash to make this part of your regular morning wake up call.

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 3/5

You know when you receive a really really lovely product as a gift and you immediately know it’s something you would never dream of splurging on and you’re even less likely to use it, instead having it on show in your bathroom until it goes all gloopy and loses it’s scent? Well that’s exactly what I thought about this product. As yummy as it smells and as amazing it is on the skin- I don’t have baths enough (don’t worry- I shower) to enjoy a product as good as this and I felt using it in the shower was a waste. Gorgeous product, but a little pricey (£39.00)…just don’t let it go to waste! 

Beauty Protector- Protect & Shampoo / Protect & Condition

The perfect hair care combination for protecting your hair against future damage. Made using honey pearl powder, (sounds magical) an ingredient that acts like the hair care protein keratin, works its magic to treat frizz and ends leaving you with a healthy, bouncing barnet. Great stuff.

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 4/5

These little beauties were a life saver this weekend when I discovered I’d run out of my usual shampoo and conditioner once I was already in the shower. Phew! Thank you Birchbox…and as someone who avoids washing their hair until the last minute, I was surprisingly impressed with these products. My hair felt like it enjoyed the little hair holiday and was left feeling really clean, smooth and it smelled great too. I like to invest in good hair care products (you do wear your hair everyday) and at £14.00 per bottle I would definitely consider purchasing these in full sized versions in the future.

Soigne Nail Lacquer

The experts salon brand have launched a gorgeous new range of palette colours, also available in sets if there are just too many cute shades to choose from.

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 5/5

How often do you put on an outfit and then the postman arrives with a nail varnish in exactly the same colour as the dress you are wearing? Er…never! But it happened to me! Amazing stuff…hopefully I haven’t used up too many lucky credits on this one, but I was really chuffed. With it’s snazzy packaging and simplistic design, Soigne Botanique is a new found favourite when it comes to nail polish. At £11.00 a bottle it’s similarly priced to OPI, but well worth the investment. Not only do they have a gorgeous selection of shades, but it glides on the nails with ease leaving a glossy finish. Fab stuff. 

Benefit Cosmetics- They’re Real! Mascara

Branded as the UK’s number one mascara, promising to give both length and volume to your lashes, with it’s smudge free formula, giving natural looking curl, it’s easy to apply and glide, with a definition enhancing brush to lift and separate each lash …phew- this mascara has a lot to live up to.

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 5/5

I’ve long been a faithful L’Oreal double extension mascara wearer for a few years now and so I thought finding a good enough replacement would be a toughie. Nu-uh…I’ve had my eye on this little beauty since I discovered my first Benefit Cosmetic and thankfully it didn’t disappoint. Amazeballs…I really love it. So at £19.50 (it should be good!) it is a little pricier than your usual high street brands, but it really does glide on the lashes. No clumps, no lumps, no chunks…just long lovely lashes. Yippee.

Liz Earle Beauty Co. Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

The world renowned cleanser, winning 100 awards is loved by all skins types. This plant-based cleanser works in two stages. Firstly the the rich and creamy cleanser removes dirt and make up before using the 100% pure muslin cloths to sweep away any remaining dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft. 

Miss Enchanting’s Verdict: 5/5

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Liz Earle products, particularly the cleanse and polish. I’ve been using this product for over five years now and I still firmly believe that this product has helped my skin beat off my adult acne and improved any scarring and dullness from years of nasty chemicals I had tortured my skin with. It’s a firm favourite in my family too and I know that one day I’ll be introducing my teenage children to it when the time comes. You simply can’t go wrong with Liz Earle’s beautiful and effective products. 

Wow. This is by far the best box I’ve received to date. So many brilliant beauty products, but my top pick for purchase (aside from Liz Earle of course) would have to be Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. It made a refreshing change to my everyday make up routine, leaving me with fuller, longer and more luscious lashes. Brilliant. 

Do you have any summer beauty must haves? 

Have you tried and tested any of this months products? 

Until next time,

With Love & Harper’s Bazaar Blooming Beauty Exclusives,

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