Blogging Problems…Too Poorly to Blog…

So I’ve been poorly again. Yes I know, even I’m bored of writing about being ill. It all started with that sickness bug. The sickness bug that hit me at a friends wedding which is just the perfect place to draw unwanted attention to yourself as you dash past the happy couple and into the loos to throw up the £100 a head meal they had just catered for you. Oops. 

Then came the totes annoying cough and sinusitis which decide to move into my face and chest for about four weeks, refusing to clear off until I fell into a depressed pit of phlegm. There’s a pretty picture for you. Oh and then just when you start to sort yourself out what do the Health Gods do? Oh they zap your  eyeball with a bacterial infection for good measure. Then as soon as you start to get your vision back in that eye thanks to a series of eye drops that cost more than a new top, you wake up with a sore throat.

But oh no. This is no ordinary-sore-throat-that-still-allows-you-to-plod-on-with-your-day. Of course it isn’t. It’s a full blown bout of Tonsillitis. Swollen glands, sickness, tiredness, loss of voice, cough, fever, unable to swallow your own spit (yuk), bad breath (excellent) -the lot. Brilliant. And to top it off this all decides to hit you the night before your first wedding anniversary when you have a jam packed weekend of love and fun planned. Again….just brilliant.

So last weekend, whilst I silently sobbed and spat in a bowl, I thought about everything that was suffering because I was ill AGAIN. The Hubster’s first anniversary was a wipe out because his wife was so poorly. The home was an utter mess with washing piled everywhere. My to-do list was abandoned…and getting longer. And the blog was left neglected. All was echoey in my cyber-space world and it made me think…how can I keep my blog alive when I’m feeling so poorly? 

So in the spirit of being healthy again, I’ve put together a list of ideas, along with the help of a few fabulous blogging buddies, that might come in handy when a fellow blogger is feeling Too Poorly to Blog

Social Media Savvy…

Stay in touch with your readers via the easiest way possible- social media. A simple “Ugh, I’m sick!” or an Instagram of your poorly home comforts is a quick and clear enough message to let everyone know that you might be distracted in the blogging department.  

Guest Post…

Marissa from Mama Knows Best2 suggests asking a friend or blogging buddy to write you a guest post that you can publish whilst you recover. This keeps your readers engaged and also gives your blog a fresh new voice in your absence. 

Say Sorry…

Send a little apology to your readers. Even if you’ve got 10 or 10,000 readers, you should appreciate that people take the time to read your blog. Some even look forward to reading your new posts, so a little update on your current blogging status is a lovely way to keep them in the loop. 

Update Your Images…

Anna from In the Playroom advises to use the time to update the old images on old posts and re-pin them. You could even add them to linky’s or share in whatever way works best for you to bring in as much traffic as a new post. 

Old Post Tweet…

Rachel from Activities 4 Kidz recommends installing a plug in called Evergreen Old Post Tweeter which automatically tweets old posts every few hours. It’s apparently great at keeping the blog ticking over whilst receiving some love for older posts. 

Do you have any top tips for keeping your blog ticking over when you’re poorly? 

Until next time,

With Love & Blogging Bugs, 

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