HOTW #19…A New Arrival…

Last week a new little bundle of joy came into this world.

He is simply adorable and is the perfect new addition to his beautiful family. 

He has the longest toes and fingers and is already set to be about seven feet tall. Failing that he’ll be an Olympic swimmer. And he still has no name. 

So while his mummy and daddy decide on the perfect name, we are all not only celebrating his safe arrival, but more importantly, the fact that his mummy is back. There are various degrees of pregnancy sickness. Some scrap through with a few sick weeks, days or even the odd moment. However my cousin suffers with such an severe case sickness (also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum) that she was hospitalised on numerous occasions throughout her pregnancies. She has spent the last nine months literally getting through each day with gritted teeth, deep breaths, zero false movements, with her head down a toilet and a whole lot of love and support from her family. 

Yay! My buddy is back! 

The moment I received the phone call from her after he was born, my face lit up knowing that just from the sound of her voice- she was back. She can finally feel like herself again and enjoy life…starting with a long overdue and much needed glass bottle of wine together. I can’t wait. I’ve missed her laughter for the last nine months. So having my buddy back full of life with a beautiful and healthy new baby in tow, is most definitely my Highlight of the Week

Until next time,

With Love & New Arrivals, 

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