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Men can be a nightmare when it comes to clothes shopping. Some love it, some hate. Even mentioning the word ‘shopping’ to the Hubster, he brings on a look as if I’d just asked him to trek over Kilimanjaro with me strapped to his back. He hates shopping with a passion and so rarely does he spruce up his wardrobe for fear that shops might swallow him up. So when Joe Browns got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their new summer collection, I thought it the perfect opportunity for the men in my life to experience a very cool and exciting clothing company, just in time for their up coming holiday…minus the sweat of actually having to enter a dreaded shop! Here come the boys…!

The Hubster…with my brother Tom…looking good fellas! 

As a company, Joe Browns aim to offer their customers a range of casual clothing and accessories that are more exciting and unique than other clothing catalogues in the UK. Their website is bursting with a mix of brilliant colour and laid back prints which collectively suggest a breezy south coastal feel to the brand. Their summer range is an eclectic mix of super cool clothes so much so that we were spoilt for choice…the Hubster browsed through their online collection from the comfort of his own home, with ease…his “distressed shopping face” was no where to be seen…phew!

The Hubster is quite tall (6’4″ to be precise) so he does struggle to find clothes that fit him well. Clothes are either too short or too baggy on him, so when he chose this shirt, we were really pleased with the fit. It looked great on him! Yay- breakthrough! We were also really impressed with the quality of the clothing and the t-shirt washes really well too with the added bonus that it doesn’t need ironing- sweet. We also loved this shirt, which we thought would look great on my brother Tom. It’s crazy bicycle print is really cool, same great quality and it looked really smart. Tom was really chuffed with it- well, as excited as blokes get about clothes anyway!

With their affordable prices, vibrant colours and unique prints, Joe Brown’s summer range oozes energy and fun and I would highly recommend their products- particularly if you are looking for a refreshing break or excuse to avoid the normal high street stores.

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With Love & Shopping Alternatives,

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Disclaimer: I was kindly sent the featured samples of clothes to try and review for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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