Book Club & Film Review…The Fault in Our Stars- John Green

Ours was an epic love story…
I will not tell you our love story, because- like all real love stories-
it will die with us, as it should. 

A book about teenagers with cancer hardly sounds like a jolly read to get you through your summer holidays does it? But this isn’t your typical My Sister’s Keeper slit-your-wrists kind of story. This is a contemporary and refreshingly good read about living life, accepting your fate, falling in love and appreciating the precious moments we are given. The story follows Hazel, an intelligent and realistic cancer patient who whilst attending a depressing cancer support group, she meets the very gorgeous Augustus Waters, who instantly breaths new air and brings love into her life. 

In a whirlwind of humour, hospital visits, a trip to Amsterdam, an abundance of lengthy and intellectual discussions about life, living, the afterlife and the possible endings to Hazel’s beloved book, An Imperial Affliction,  they (of course) fall in love and inevitably break not only each other’s, but it’s reader’s hearts.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful. 

As a group we were surprisingly divided in our thoughts on this book. Some fell in love with it’s bittersweet reality, humorous moments and annoyingly smart teenagers. Whereas others found it depressingly honest and perhaps a little too close to home with its Cancer Perks and harsh depiction of knowing and dealing with a loved ones fate. The Fault in Our Stars will leave you counting your lucky stars and feeling appreciative of your health and of those around you. Life is precious and it’s about making the most of every good day we have together. 

Miss Enchanting’s Book Club Rating: 4/5

The Fault in Our Stars- Mini Film Review

OK so perhaps it was the fact that I had consumed the best part of two bottles of wine (not entirely to myself) prior to seeing this film, or maybe that I was in a particularly chipper mood (down to the wine most likely) that night, but I wasn’t exactly moved to tears by it. Shock horror I know. This coming from a girl who cries at the sight of sick or wounded animals (seriously those donkey adverts kill me) or when she stubs her toe, or when I see an old person by themselves! I can honestly (and shamelessly) admit that unlike everyone else I know who has seen this film- I didn’t cry…Oh wait that’s a lie. The one moment that did get me choked was when her mum gave her the blue dress- now that got me. Does cold and heartless spring to mind? Oh hello shallow…

At one point, as everyone sobbed and sniffled around me, I found myself trying to squeeze tears out, just so I wouldn’t look completely unattached from all human emotions one is meant to feel at the sight of dying-love-struck-teenagers. But nope. Squeeze…Nothing. What’s wrong with me? I think I might have to watch a marathon of classic sad films this weekend and YouTube animal charity adverts just to get my emotional mojo back…!

Miss Enchanting Film Rating: 2/5

With it’s fresh faced cast and powerful performances, The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful (almost word-for-word) adaptation of the book, one of which it’s loyal book lovers will appreciate (no major end re-write- unlike My Sister’s Keeper! Grrr!) But for me- the film wasn’t worth paying an extra £1.80 and almost getting a black eye from some girl sitting in my PAID FOR PREMIER SEAT!

For a more in depth review of the film, head over to The Film Guy.

Our next Book Club read will be The Teashop on the Corner by Millie Johnson which will be reviewed in August!

Have you read the book or seen the film? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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