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Now it’s no secret that I’m hardly a fitness buff. In fact I’m the complete opposite. But oddly enough, I really do enjoy experiencing new exercise crazes and developing my nutrition knowledge, in an on going quest to improve my attitude towards health and fitness.

In the past six months, I’ve detoxedpliedbootcamped and cleaned myself into some sort of shape, but as always I find it hard to keep myself motivated long enough to make a lasting difference. But last month, I experienced a whole new kick up the butt when I attended Cosmopolitan’s very first Body Beautiful Masterclass in London. With one of my besties in tow, we came away feeling enthusiastic and motivated after a whirlwind of a Saturday morning spent sweating our butts off, drinking juices, stretching, eating unbelievably good food, pampering, learning and generally smiling from ear to ear the whole time.

Workout gear…check,  lip gloss…check, coffee…check! The workout essentials in my book! 

On arrival we were treated to a selection of cold pressed juices from Roots & Bulbs (which were interesting…mine tasted like I was drinking cut grass, lemon peel and sprouts..but apparently it was all good stuff…erm…) before being split off into groups to start the workshops. We were given a breezy and beautifying start to the morning with the amazing Birchbox (a Miss Enchanting favourite– read more about here, here and here!) The session was led by the company’s co-founder, Hayley Barna, who had flown in from New York for the event (I got brownie points for my workout top!) who gave a personal intro into their unique beauty subscription service.

When Birch met Birchbox…!

We were invited to build our very own Birchbox, choosing from an array of fabulous beauty and lifestyle products…amazing. With our bags brimming with treats we were then given make up consultations from the Benefit beauty therapists using their brilliant products…could this morning get any better? 

So with our faces all refreshed and ready for anything (other than a good old sweaty workout) we headed next door to begin our first workout of the day…which was also round about the last time I could sit down without being in agony for the next week I might add. There is a reason Jennifer Lawrence is so hot and Dalton Wong is the reason…ouch! 

Seriously one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done…! 

As a personal trainer to the stars, Dalton has whipped some of Hollywood’s hottest bods into shape and from about three minutes into the class, it was easy to understand why. He certainly put us through our paces with his HIIT workout (that’s High Intensity Interval Training to you and I) which left me hobbling for the rest of the week. Forty-five minutes of consistent squats, lunges and press ups, followed by a killer stint using a resistant band loop- which oh my- burned like you wouldn’t believe! Doing the simplest of repetitive movements using the band, (I’ve just brought one to try out at home which you can find here) was a challenge and it obviously works as I had to hold on to a wall every time I sat on the loo for about 72 hours after my encounter with Dalton and his bands! Cheeky. 

With shaky legs and sweaty foreheads (although our make up was still looking OK thanks to this bad boy), we headed into what was probably our favourite session of the day…a lesson in healthy cooking with celebrity nutritionist Madeleine Shaw. Not only was she adorable, but she literally blew us away with her simple cooking demonstrations, brilliant tips and helpful advice. Whilst she effortlessly made up a raw Pad Tai, followed by a chocolate mousse, she advised us on little changes that we can make in our diet that will make a huge difference to our bodies inside and out. 

Raw Pad Tai- amazing…recipe found here

Just as our faces has started to return to a normal colour, it was time to hit the studio again, but this time with Becky Birtwistle who went a little easier on us with a series of toning exercises to end the morning. The masterclass soon came to an end (we could have stayed all day it was that great!) and as we left, we were handed a tub of yummy protein ice cream, along with a goodie bag brimming with amazing products. The perfect treat to a brilliant event.   

There’s inspiration for you…!

Enjoying a well deserved protein ice cream…yummy!

Unpacking our goodies on the train…so classy! 

Feeling Beautiful…!

It was by far one of the most informative-feel-good- positive events I have been lucky enough to experience to date. Rarely do you come away from an event with a rejuvenated mind, body and spirit, with a big smile on your face…even if I was walking like a constipated penguin, it was all so worth it. 

Until next time,

With Love & Body Beautiful, 

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Disclosure: I was given a complimentary ticket to attend this event for the purpose of this feature. Thank you Cosmopolitan UK! 

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