Holiday Shopping Haul…Over Spent & Over Weight

Last week I took the plunge and made my very first shopping haul video using all the (completely unnecessary) purchases I made on our recent holiday. So I may have gone a little crazy with my spending…Jack didn’t know half of what I’d sneakily brought until he watched  this video. After about six minutes into watching it I heard him shout out- HOW MUCH DID YOU BUY?! Big fat oops…note to self (and any other shopaholics out there) if you’re going to overspend in future then stick to sneaking the bags in doors in stages and using phrases such as “what this? I’ve had it for ages” rather than posting videos on the internet confessing every single unnecessary purchase for the whole world to see. Oh poop.  

To make matters worse- my suitcase weighed about 27kg on our return flight (I think I say 47kg on the video…slight exaggeration, I didn’t bring home a cow) I mentioned here that I struggle with packing light as it is but coming home your case should be lighter (or so my Dad reckons!) I had to go through the embarrassing process at the check-in desk of opening my case and shamelessly taking stuff out in front of hundreds of holiday makers. Another note to self- remove shoes from the case in future rather than handing over your faithful brassieres to your sister to stuff in her hand luggage- it will cause less of a stir to the old couple waiting patiently behind you in the queue. Noted. Oh and get new bras before the next holiday too. 

So with the Hubster sent out for the afternoon, I set out to make my first video, which I found surprisingly fun. Vlogging is something I’ve given a lot of thought and consideration for a while now and I hope that my readers will enjoy the videos alongside the blog. OK, so it’s not a masterpiece. I’m well aware that I say the word “cute” four thousand times throughout the video (I need to broaden my bank of adjectives that’s for sure) and I know that I keep looking at the screen to the side of the camera. Which (according to my sister) makes me look slightly crossed eyed (no offence cross eyed people) but I will hopefully improve as time goes on…unless the response to this is really bad, then I’ll pack it in altogether. 

Can’t view the video- watch it here!

Has anyone else gone a little shopping crazy on holiday or had any embarrassing packing dilemmas? I’d love to hear your stories and your thoughts on the video in the comments below! 

Until next time,

With Love & First Shopping Hauls,

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