Hot Tub Cinema…You Remind Me of the Babe…

Oh I do love a new cinema experience and Dirty Dancing was most definitely one of the best experiences I’d had so far. So when I heard about Hot Tub Cinema, at first I laughed and thought there’s no way I’m getting into a swimsuit in a social environment…there’s not enough wine on the planet for that to happen. Until they advertised their 80’s Cult Classics line up. Oh pants. They were only showing my ultimate favourite film of all time, Labyrinth. If there was one film that would get me into a bikini in public- this was it. Brilliant. Where do I sign up and how quickly can I get some liposuction done? Joke….

Along with my sister-in-law Frances, and in a zillion degree heat, we set off for East London (following Google maps which sent us on a ridiculous unwanted back-end-beyond-nowhere- trek) in search of somewhere a little different to stop for food before hitting the hot tubs. We finally stumbled upon the very subtle, but uber quirky and cool The Book Club. Situated within a converted Victorian warehouse with its eclectic mix or raw meets urban decor, it was the perfect pit stop on a sweltering day in London. So we did want any normal girls do when they are anxious about getting into a bikini in front of strangers. We ordered burger and chips and a bottle of wine. As you do. Deeeelish.

In true Klumsy Kate style, on exiting the venue I tried to avoid photo-bombing a group of tourist’s photograph and in a tizz I ended up tripping, and falling smack bang back into the bar area- completely making a shameful re-entrance and totally disrupting the super cool ambiance that the place was oozing. Swallow me up is an understatement. Still it kept Frances in a fit of laughter for quite some time afterwards. I aim to please…

Anyhoo, as my shame subsided, we headed towards the Rockwell Centre and once there, thanks to my old buddy sauvignon blanc, I bravely stripped down into my bikini, sucked up any insecurities I had and headed up to the rooftop with my gorgeous bestie in tow. 

Rockwell House rooftop set up was amazing…with its rustic beach shack decor, wooden sun loungers and make shift tables, and bunting and fairy lights entwined throughout tropical flowers which were surrounding the all important hot tubs. The atmosphere was awesome. Everyone felt the excitement and anticipation that only comes with knowing you’re about to be a part of a really unique experience. It was amazeballs. 

After enjoying a drink in the sun we found our designated tubs, stripped down (ahhh…a brave-but-sod-it-moment…everyone was there to watch Bowie in action, not my bum) and introduced ourselves to our hot tub family, who were all super lovely. Sitting back and sipping wine, we enjoyed every moment of this unique cinema experience. Labyrinth is by far my favourite film of all time and here I was sitting on a rooftop in London, watching it on the big screen with the sun going down in a hot tub, sharing this experience with one of my favourite people…it was a ‘loving life’ moment that’s for sure. 

Unlike Future Cinema, there is much more party ambiance throughout this entire movie gig. Although the film is shown on two big screens, there were a few groups who were there for the social aspect of the event as opposed to watching the actual film… fair enough as it is an unusually fun setting, but word of warning to any serious cinema goers- don’t be peeved if the tub next to you is enjoying the company more than the actual movie itself. This cinematic experience is for the fun hearted- no party poopers allowed- you can watch a movie in silence at home- loosen up and enjoy it for what it is…a brilliant night out in a hot tub.  

As soon as the film was over, the lights were dimmed, our hot tubs were filled with bubbles as the music pumped out the speakers- the real hot tub party began….it was so much fun, I literally felt like I was twenty-one again! People were hopping between tubs, partying and pretty much having an awesome time. We were even lucky enough to have our tub hijacked by the very cool Hot Tub organiser dudes who were impressed that we’d managed to video the event which you can watch here

Eventually our tubs were drained and with soaking wet hair, pruned bods and smiling faces we made our way home from one very epic experience. One I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique London party/movie/hilarious/splashtastic experience. Sign up for future Hot Tub Cinema events here

Until next time,

With Love & Hot Tub Frolics,

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