HOTW #21…Lunch with My Uni Girls

Last weekend I met up with my uni friends for a well overdue catch up. We all went to university in London, but now live all over from Ipswich to East Sussex, but once or twice a year we always get together whether it be a weekend away or a picnic in the park. We’ve had some hilarious adventures in our time…from crazy school discos at uni, gatecrashing an army ball in Germany and partying until dawn in the officers mess, to being stranded in the back end of nowhere in France and being taken by pervy French police to a random hostel for the night. Long story and wasn’t as sordid as it sounds- we got through the night in one piece thanks to a bit of ballet and a lion bar. Don’t ask…those were the days…

The last few years have been a whirlwind of weddings, changing jobs, moving houses and having babies so when we met up this weekend for lunch in London it was lovely to see them all and catch up. Our lives can get pretty hectic and end up relying on social media to keep us in the loop these days. So I love that we can all take a day out to see each other- even if it’s once a year and it takes us four months to plan a date when we’re all free and then we unknowingly plan to meet in the heart of the London Pride Parade and spend forty minutes stranded on separate parts of Oxford Circus…it was well worth it. So after a hard week back to reality- seeing these guys definitely made my Highlight of the Week.

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