HOTW #22…Brunch with My Little Bro…

My Saturday mornings are usually consumed with housework or blogging. Whilst my Instagram feed teases me with beautiful images of carefully constructed breakfast dishes or annoyingly fit peeps heading out for a weekend workout, I’m either donning the rubber gloves or still slouching around in my PJ’s until 2pm hunched away in my blogging corner. But this weekend I ditched the toilet duck for a spot of brunch in the sunshine with my little brother, followed by a browse around the market and a cruise in his convertible… Bridget Jones, eat your heart out! 

This is how every Saturday should be spent…!

It was so hot out I was forced (any excuse!) to buy some shorts! 

What was your Highlight of the Week? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

With Love & Little Brother Love,

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