HOTW #23…Blackout

On occasion the Hubster and I have been known to be watching television, whilst on our phones with perhaps the odd scroll through an iPad or laptop at the same time. Conversations are broken or left unfinished and our attention is torn between various degrees of nothingness. It wasn’t until a fellow blogger Hannah Maggs brought up the idea of ‘Blackout’ that I thought, hmmm…she is really onto something here. I mentioned here that we were planning on giving this whole ‘Blackout’ idea a whirl and you can read in more detail Hannah’s Blackout theory in this post. But the basic concept is simple- at least one night a week, switch off and step away from all electronic devices and give each other or yourselves your full attention.  

So when the Husbter arrived home from work Friday night- I met him at the front door, swiftly confiscated his phone and told him that we were “doing Blackout tonight”. After a half hearted protest, I shoved a glass of wine in his hand, which seemed to do the trick of convincing him, and we merrily settled down to an evening totally uninterrupted by social media or Sky Sports updates. It was brilliant.

As we sat listening to music (yes music is allowed), we talked, we laughed, I cried (wine makes me cry) and it took me back to the nights we shared when we first started going out. The nights before we were glued to these little devices that stole away our undivided attention. Back when we’d watch a film together without checking Facebook statuses. Back when we’d live in the present without consistently being sucked into a virtual world that will never be able to laugh out loud at your jokes, or ask how your day was, or give you a hug when you need it. 

It reminded me of just how important it is for any relationship to appreciate not only moments of conversation, but moments of silence too. It was a perfect evening and our very first Blackout night most definitely made my Highlight of the Week…aside from the hangover.

Until next time,

With Love & First Blackout,

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