HOTW #24…Broadstairs Beach…

This week, with a windbreak, parasol and a picnic in tow, we took a rare day off as a family and headed out of London and set off for Broadstairs in Kent, once the home of Charles Dickens (for any of you literary lovers). Once there, we found a large enough patch for our mob to unpack and set up camp for the day before enjoying a picnic of egg sandwiches, strawberries and a bottle of sparkly…

There’s something quite lovely about spending the day by the seaside and it’s days like this that tend to etch themselves into our memories forever. However old you may be, being by the seaside will always take you fondly back to a childhood memory of visits to the coast with loved ones. And whilst our niece and nephew played in the sand, we all recalled our seaside memories, hoping that we would play a part in theirs someday, just as the adults of our past had.  

We dug holes, we built sandcastles (princess ones of course), we paddled in the sea, we searched for seashells, we jumped over the cold waves, we ate ice cream, we took the kids on rides, we ate seafood, we sunbathed, we snoozed…we had the loveliest day. 

At the end of the day, once you’ve finally trudged back to the car, with sand settled in the most awkward of places, you drive out of the little town through it’s narrow roads, leaving behind a pretty seaside sun set. With faces flushed from the warm sunshine, wispy hair from the sea breeze, salty skin from the fresh English sea and a sense of happy exhaustion that only comes with having spent a day at the seaside. Perfect. Our day at the beach most definitely made my Highlight of the Week.

What was your Highlight of the Week? Let me know in the comments below…

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With Love & Seaside Memories,

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