Shortlisted for the Next Newcomer Award…Pretty Please Vote for Moi!

What better way to start a Monday morning than discovering that you’ve been shortlisted for an award eh? But that’s exactly how my week started- and I’m still grinning. Seeing my name up alongside nine other newbie bloggers who have been shortlisted for the Next Newcomer Blog Award at this year’s Cosmopolitan Blog Awards was simply amazing. Chuffed doesn’t quite cut it. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who nominated Miss Enchanting to get to this stage. It always sounds so cliche and bog standard to say that it means the world to me- but it really does. You are all amazeballs. 
So while I’m off making ‘Vote for Moi’ t-shirts, posters and badges…(half joking, half seriously considering it) pretty please can you vote again for Miss Enchanting for the Newcomer Award here…there’s no faffing with urls this time and it literally only takes two clicks and less than two seconds to do! But if you are in any doubt as to why you should vote for my blog to win an actual award, then I’ve put together a little round up of my finest, proudest and shameless blogging moments that might steer you in the right direction…
Reasons to Vote for Moi! 

I’m quite comfortable (well sort of) discussing the inner workings of a butt plug with my mum and (if that wasn’t bad enough) my mother in law…read all about that here
You’d think I’d be really fit after thisthis and this. And really thin after this and this but I’m not. 
I love a good moan, reflection or debate about marriage…see herehere and here
My mum and sister are still grounded…find out why here
I was in the newspaper on the same page as Kate Winslet- see here
Since reaching thirty I’d choose the Care Bears over Chucky any day- see here and I really can’t handle my drink anymore…evidence is hereherehere oh and here!
Oh and I recently made my very first and slightly embarrassing YouTube Shopping Haul.
So there you have it…a few examples of why I would really appreciate your vote for Miss Enchanting to win the Next Newcomer Award at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014! Voting closes 29th August 2014 and this time around everyone only gets one vote so I would really appreciate it if you could share the blog love! Sending love and hugs in advance…
Until next time,
With Love & Voting Appreciation, 
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