HOTW #25…Let’s Bowl, Let’s Bowl…

I’ve never been very competitive. Even getting picked last in PE lessons never bothered me. Probably because I was either too busy chatting in the line up to notice that I wasn’t being chosen to be on anyone’s team or I was (more likely) sitting out of the lesson completely thanks to a ‘Katie’s big toe hurts so please can she be excused from PE’ note. The same goes for any competitive activity- no one ever wants me on their team. Boo.

I like joining in and having fun as much as the next person, but I’m just not really fussed when it comes to competing against others. The first time I played Monopoly with the Hubsters family was a sure fire way of quickly leaning that his family- particularly his sister, were the competitive sort. I think it was the moment where I tried to give Jack some of my money to buy Park Lane that tipped her over the edge, almost blinding me with the Old Boot. Needless to say I vowed that I’d never play a board game with her again unless there was copious amounts of alcohol involved.

You see, Frances is the Monica and I am the Rachel when it comes to playing games- while she gives it her all, I’m ‘going long’….really long. So you can imagine my hesitation when we were asked to go bowling this weekend for her birthday. Brilliant. If I thought the Old Boot hurt…I’m pretty sure a bowling ball would leave a bigger dent. But with the promise of food and wine involved, I reluctantly agreed. Well it was her birthday.

Minus the gross bowling shoes and the Hubster telling me that I didn’t “count” when it came to the scoreboard, it was actually a lot of fun. Even when my bowling ball spent more time down the gutters (when it wasn’t taking out an entire family behind us-big fat oops!) than it did knocking over any pins. Of course I lost every game, but that didn’t matter, aside from a broken nail- thankfully I came away unscathed along with one happy birthday girl who was chuffed that she won (out of the girls I might add!) So spending the afternoon with one of my besties, on her special day, however competitive she may be, was still my Highlight of the Week.

What was your Highlight of the Week? Let me know in the comments below…! 

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